WIP Rosemeyer Ring

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    Rosemeyer Ring
    Audi's Customer Racing Circuit

    After spending far more time on my first BTB project then I should have I decided it would be good to clear the air and do something completely different.

    Being an Audi fan I gave myself a brief which was for a new circuit to be built by Audi for it's growing customer racing program.
    I felt this could be a track where customers took receipt of new race cars as well as being a place Audi would use for promotion/testing.

    The circuit was to take cues from Paul Ricard in particular (runoff so that customers do not destroy their new baby!) while combining a series of unique corners in a forest/mountainous area. Very exclusive. A mini/modern/private Nurburgring.

    I have enjoyed this departure from my first project and found that over 2 years I learned a lot on the first one which made getting to this point on my second project a breeze. I'd say I'm 3/4s done.

    Looking back on my first project I'd spend a lot of time- which I don't have- rebuilding it to get to the point that I'm as happy as I am with this new one. So Kai Tak is on the back burner...

    Please check out the vid. And thanks to everyone on this forum for their ongoing advice, suggestions, xpacks and info!