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    Why does Lewis Hamilton's bulldog, Roscoe, get special treatment by Bernie and all of the other F1 guys?

    I lot of the other drivers have pets, but they are not allowed on the facility.

    What if Roscoe finds a stray cat and tries to chase after it, only to get run over?

    What if he decides to wander around trying to sniff everything on the track while everyone is racing? It may not happen, but, you never know.

    I hope he is in the trailer sleeping and eating when his master is racing and I hope he is too small to open the door or whatever (I've seen cats open doors before).

    What makes Hamilton's dog so special to earn a VIP?

    Of course I like dogs, especially Saint Bernards, but, if I was a driver, I would be walking my Saint around my neighbourhood or it would be under the care of a housekeeper who would both watch me on TV racing. :D
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    I'm sure he is well contained on a race weekend inside the pits. Otherwise it'd just be irresponsible. He can run a pit guy's legs out from under him, with their heads landing in very bad places under the wheels of cars... So it must be very controlled.
  3. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    It draws media attention. Simple as that.
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