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  1. YetAnotherGamingFail


    Hey guys,

    Its great to be here in the 8th season of the RDRC, personally, me and my teammate have never done online racing for dirt rally before, and i really enjoyed all of the stages yesterday, but having started now, i have a few questions, so i shall list them all out here to make it easy.

    1. me and my co driver have liveries for our cars, how would one be uploading them for the purposes of the season?
    2. how can we tell how we are currently ranked in our class exclusively?
    3. how does the system work for the stages, can we save and log off? or do we have to do them all at once?
    Thanks for any help!
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  2. Roland


    Completely new to online Dirt Rally too (or to Dirt Rally itself actually) but AFAIK
    - someone please correct me if I'm wrong -

    1. You can't. Unfortunately your liveries are there just for you to enjoy. AFAIK the only way to show them off is to share replays/screenshots etc. in the Rally World thread
    2. Dunno. Probably once the Rally has finished, class-specific standings will be published.
    EDIT: Apparently Mr. @Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan has a way to extract data from the game, but I'm clueless on how he does that /EDIT
    3. On the itinerary, where it says "Checkpoint" you can save your game and continue later. Here in Mont Carlo that'd be after SS8, and SS13. SOURCE
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  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
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    Hello there! :) Rookies are important to evolve the series, happy to see you here! :)

    1. No need to, as there are no replay function to speak of (only straight after a stage), you can take screenshots or videos, post them in the thread for the rally, or/and in the Rally World Thread. The Rally World Thread is the one I am looking at when it comes to stuff for the Magazine. You can also upload it to our resource manager for others to use, but realistically few will download it, because they have their own skin :)
    2. Either hope that you are in the class where some of our users are providing updates when they have time, or wait for the official results to come from us when the rally is done. There are sadly no way to do it from Codemasters themselves - They have a long way to go when it comes to making the online part good for proper leagues sadly.
    3. At each service you can save and log off. If you get a PC-crash, RaceNet failure, game crash or similar that causes you to drop out, you will be able to continue from the last checkpoint, not where you saved. So for Monte Carlo you can save and log off after SS2, 6, 8,11 and 13. However, in case of the tech issues I mentioned, you'll be able to continue from SS1, 9 or 14 depending on last passed checkpoint :)

    Any more questions - just throw them out here, and we'll answer as good as we can :)

    - Ole M