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  1. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
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    Hey all,

    Couple of basic questions.
    1. I've bought the Steam version and most of the add-ons.
    However, even though the add-ons are DLCs, they're listed in Steam as separate games.
    So do I need to start GTR Evo in order to use those cars/tracks, or will it be available by starting the 'stock' Race 07?

    2. Mods. As with all sims, R07 is presumably heavily modded.
    So aside from the standard items (new cars and tracks), is there any 'must-have' mods I should be looking at?
    I realize that it'll depend on what type of race one prefers, so I'm mainly looking for stock-car tracks/cars. GTs and open-cars are far too powerful for my present skill-level (or lack of same :D )
    I saw an rFactor Clio package, and if there's something like that for R07 that would be right up my alley.

  2. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
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    1) No - they're all available in the menu whichever one you start.

    2) I only install what @Dennis Phelan puts up for our weekly races as, outside of that, I only do Mini and WTCC races offline, sorry. ;)
  3. ouvert


    1. as said .. it doesn`t matter .. just different color themes of menu .. so choose one you like

    2. i have some mods for better skies, bump maps, some texture editing and corrections and than some adjustements I`ve done myself .. go through nogripracing ... all is there ..
  4. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    Buggered if I know..... Premium

    Much obliged. gentlemen. :)
  5. Björn

    Ävver et Hätz bliev he in Kölle

    I'll chime in on mods real quick :)

    Just like Connor, I mainly run (and thus install) the club content, not many things apart from those mods. The only one I'd personally call "must-have" would be the no visor patch which will remove the helmet view for open wheel vehicles.
    Another popular one is the no bugs - personally, I don't use it as the splats don't bug (haha!) me too much, but maybe you're interested.

    Another one I'm using is "real road effects", available at nogrip's - it replaces the default textures for smoke, flying gravel, water, fire and the like with what's supposed to be more realistic graphics. I really like it, however, it will have more of an impact on your view when cars in front of you lock up their brakes, so keep that in mind ;)
  6. ouvert


    ok so I checked my drive with GTR Evo mods and:
    - Flags Of All nations (in case you are from rare country not included)
    - Toms Evo Tools - will sort your downloaded tracks alphabetically in game track selection menu
    - WTCC 2008 Car Texture Fix and Lada Shadow
    - Formula Masters Hi Res Tyre Textures
    - Audi R8 & V8 Wheel and Tire textures
    - F3000 Good Year Eagle tyre texture
    - Formula RaceRoom PZero Tyres
    - Wider helmet view for Formula Master
    - Formula RR no helmet visor
    - New Sky Textures (batito or Cumlone version)
    - Real Road Effects
    - Contact Shadow for Formula BMW, F3000 and Caterham
    - Several Light Fixes
    - Realistic T-Cam for F3000
    - Modified Visor Texture by Suby56 (currently using for all openwhellers
    - Dynamic shadow in cockpits
    - new Cube maps
    - BMW M3 GTR Sound Correction Patch
    - few sound modes .. mostly for some GT cars in Fia GT GT3 mod .. took sounds from different mods/games and used them instead original ones

    Than I customized gdb files in Classes so car menu is more organized (GTs together, formulas in one row, WTCC on another row etc ..

    In regards of cars I tried a lot but kept only:
    - Fia GT GT3 by PetraGTC
    - MAK-Corp F1 07
    - MAK-Corp CART Indycar 94-95

    still have DTM 2013 but it is not good
    some True2Life mods are fine

    List of tracks that survived my track cleaning : attached

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  7. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan

    Do know that some of these "mods" may make it difficult to enter multiplayer events. I believe "Toms Evo Tools - will sort your downloaded tracks alphabetically in game track selection menu" will do that so you had better check.