Rookie needs help

Hello Race Department community,

I have three boys and they are all in professionell kart racing. For training they are using a simple program called kart racing pro. It's a rather simple software, but super good for learning new track layouts. Aditionally the boys are racing Assetto Corsa with touring cars.

We are using a Fanatec 2.5 wheelbase with Fanatec pedals and a formula style steering wheel. As a monitor we have a good 55 inch TV. All works fine and reliable.

Our next step should be a triple screen setup with 32 inch monitors.

Question from my side is now: what graphic card do we need to play Assetto Corsa in a smooth way? Actually it is a 1070.

Sorry for raising those simple things here, but help would be very much appreciated.


It depends on some factors such as the resoution of your screens, the Hz/framerate and the desired graphic settings. Supposing your screens are 1920x1080 and that you will be playing Assetto Corsa without lowering many graphic settings, I would say a modern i7 CPU with a 1080 ti would be enough for 60 fps for races with a few cars on screen. If you want 120 or 144 fps I would go for the 2080 ti, and if you want to race with a lot of cars go for the fastest CPU available, which will help with the framerate. As an alternative, you can buy a 49" curved ultrawide monitor, which costs around 900 €, is easier to install and configure and requires less power to move the games with good framerate (2 monitors instead of 3).
This is assuming your current TV is Full HD and not 4K:
I very recently upgraded my TV from a 1920x1080 resolution model to a 3240x2160 (4K) one. Much to my surprise, my slightly overclocked GTX1080 is still capable of putting out 70-110FPS with all rendering options pretty much maxed out.
4K resolution is 7 million pixels to render, while 3pcs of 1920x1080 monitors are 6.2M pixels for the GPU to render.
My guess would be, that the 1070 may overall still do fine with three such monitors, but may, depending on the track, struggle on occasion, as it is ~20% slower, and then require you to reduce e.g. reflections to keep it above 50-60FPS.