Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament - Season 14

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A good welcome to everyone, here it is, the exciting season 14 of rock, paper, scissors. With the champ Jimmy Laad being unbeatable, literally unbeatable, it is time to start season 14. Who has their tactics sorted, who has what up his sleeves. We'll find out soon:

A little bit about the game, I assume everyone knows what this game is, though for the ones who don't: You basically send me in your choice via pm, I'll send mine to Tim. How to win: Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock, and Scissors beats paper.

For the first rounds/groupstages you'll only have to send me in 1 choice. Though from the knockoutstages on you have to send me 5 choices. So the knockouts are a best of 5.

I'll make sure to create a seperate pm for this game, this is to prevent misreading choices and to keep it clear for me.

- Tim
- Benutzername
- Manolis Sigoulakis
- Kedy89
- Milos
- Millsy24
- Jimlaad43
- Andrew
- Joel
- Tigerkart_22
- TTupsi
- gilles13
- airutonpurosuto8912
- Aidan Keranen
- Costello
- Oorjit07
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