Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament - Season 13

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It is time to begin the 13th season of the rps tournament. Of course last tournament's winner Andy Graham will be looking to add another win to his account. With that season 13 is now underway.

The game is pretty straightforward, each time a match begins you'll have the choice to choose rock, paper or scissors. Those choices have to be send via PM. I'll create a seperate PM for this game. The tournament has different rounds:
  • First up is the groupstages, there will be 2 groups with the best 2 or 4, depending on how many signups we get, advancing into the knockoutstages. You'll play once against every player in your group. The groupstages will be a best of 1, so when groupstages are live, you'll only have to send 1 choice to me.
  • Second up are the knockoutstages. These matches will be a best of 3 with the final being a best of 5. Like said earlier the best 2 or 4 players advance into the knockoutstages. There'll also be a third place match. This match'll also be a best of 5.
- Tim Engberink
- Milos
- Andrew
- mystaaRS
- Manolis Sigoulakis
- Jimlaad43
- Joel
- Benutzername
- Tigerkart_22
- Costello
- Takuma Ishikawa
- Donaldinho105
- Omer Said
- Millsy24
- TTupsi
- Aidan Keranen
- Takahiro
- Dovi Design
- Kedy89
- airutonpurosuto8912
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For those who wonder, I won't be taking part in this season. Just to prevent mistakes happen. Unless everyone wants me to play of course


If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace
Can I just ask why you are doing a best of three for knock-out games? ;)
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