Roaldo Racing: Turkey review

What started as a bad weekend for the Roaldo Racing (Roaldo RedSpeed) team, ended with two good results in the World Championship.

Roald Reurink: "The team performance during testing was again good and fun, the team atmosphere is at the standard I'm happy with. Everyone is testing and contributing, we have nice chats on MSN and we follow eachother races. As Roaldo Racing (RedSpeed) is basically an entire new team, I can be happy with the drivers we have now."

Two new drivers debuted in Turkey for the Roaldo RedSpeed WT team: Jan-Moritz Kammann and Andreas Nilsson, older brother of Fredrik Nilsson. Both drivers were on pace right away and started at p5 and p11 of the grid, unfortunately both didn't see the finish flag. The other two drivers Brian Phillips, who returned to the team, and Sami Pesari also didn't saw the finish flag. Ben had the best possibilities on a podium in Turkey, the whole WT team had pace, so it was a dissapointment that none finished. However for Canada, it will be different!

In WS the same story, no finishers. Both Clayton and Samuel saw their race ending too early.
Then the last race of the weekend, the WC drivers were up.

Roald Reurink (team-manager): "Because of what happend in WS and WT I was cautious. Mathieu Prevot had to start from pitlane and Fredrik had a good qualification, I knew we improved on our race pace so it was interesting what we could do in the first race with our new knowledge. Fredrik was almost hit at the beginning of the race, but luckily he found himself in front, passing Morand and moving up to P4, a bigger gap after the pitstops. We were not sure if Fredrik had enough fuel so we saved a bit towards the end of the race. Mathieu was simply awesome, from pitlane to 10th. With the strategy of Mikkonen we might have been higher, but a very good race nonetheless from Mathieu, who also saved fuel towards the end of the race and didn't push anymore. I think your blond Holland girl is passed Belgium already Mat ;) Up to Canada!"

The Roaldo Racing team will drive with a special livery the upcoming GP's, after 2 GP's the Roaldo team will introduce a new livery and car once again! The idea is to shine even more on track, as most cars have red-white it is hard to distinguish the Roaldo Racing cars. The new livery and also the new car, is more visible for the Roaldo Racing fans.
My first weeks in the team were pretty cool, everybody was and still is helping me a lot. We share everything we got and test together as much as it is possible for working and student guys. The team is working with much effort, to make it to the front of each championship and I'm glad to be part of it now.

We and personally I had a lot to handle in the race, as my engine were heating up from the first lap, when some guys crashed into my car, so it was a question of time when the engine blows up, even with the Boost 1 from lap 2 on. But as it was my first race and the next race is already coming up this weekend, we hope to have a much better result in canada and attack the frontrunners.
Yeah, Roaldo is improving every race. Both Fredrik and Mathieu are going really fast, and Jan is a very good signing for WT.:tongue:
im probably luckiest guy of the fsr series atm to get into roaldo racing cause these wt guys are all able to win wt races and im just with pace somewhere aground top 10 so they really push me work more but also Fredrik and Mathieu have some serious setup knowledge so i will be guaranteed top setups :D

Just wish to be able to show it better in next races :tongue:
Brian Phillips?? a new driver Roald ?:D

Im happy to see you guys doing well, some new promising drivers onboard so for sure il be cheering for you guys.:eek: The Battle between Ben and me at Turkey was awesome to and im confident he can do well at Montreal, thats a track that will suite him. Good luck guys.
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