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Road width and BTB Problems for RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jay_p_666, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. jay_p_666


    Hi guys, I want to clear something out. On the following picture in attachment, this is the way I think it's best to use road profile. For example, if the road width is 4meter, I use 2meter on panel length, and for a 5meter road width, I will use 2,5meter on panel length...this way, it saves polycounts on a 1:2 scale without altering compatibility with texture size. This method is wrote in the czech tutorial...and also used in original tracks. Having roads of 1meter on panel length is not needed because it add too much detailed for nothing. But now, I've heard somewhere that it's okay for BTB, but if you use wallaby, it will be not compatible with shadows and better to make square polygons. Is it true ?...

    BTB Problems :

    I also notice that (I don't know why) but BTB seems to hate a width of 4meter for road...it has nothing to do with the way I make my polys(if square or rectangle) but the texture looks stretched when I use a 4m of width. BTB doesn't stretch texture on a 5m width and the transition looks good with the terrain.(BTB use a different method mapping for it).

    Also a BTB problem is that we cannot use terrain for roadside, because the roadside texture will be turned on wrong position and not aligned to the road. That is why for me it is a problem to have only 4panels on terrain. I am forced to use the road for roadside and I cannot make ditch close to the road because of this...

    Please help me, I'm stuck and need to clear all this out before start working on my project...

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  2. eno72


    I need to understand what's your final aim: RX or original format?

    the stretching: you should be able to choose how many meters the texture covers under the surface material tabs.
    For panels it's a longer story, see pm.
  3. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    retired from this site.

    Yes, i encountered also this problem.
  4. berglez


    Me too. I hope Brandon can add more panels.
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