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Road to Le Mans: Porsche's season so far

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Jack Hunsley, May 26, 2015.

  1. Jack Hunsley

    Jack Hunsley

    Porsche Default.png
    In follow up to our look at Audi's performance in the opening two rounds of the WEC 2015, today we take a look at how Porsche have stepped up to the plate in their second full season into their endurance racing return.

    Early Season Impressions

    From the off at Silverstone Porsche have looked like the team to beat over one lap. Having narrowly pipped the #8 Audi to lock out the front row in Silverstone only to go one better with a 1-2-3 lock out at Spa there can be no doubting that Porsche have made significant strides since their return last season.

    But despite their qualifying pace advantage they have yet to add another victory to their tally since the 2014 season finale at Interlagos. Both reliability and driver errors have cost Porsche dearly this season, so much so that it without them it is entirely possible we could be bigging up Porsche for a Le Mans clean sweep but as that tired and overused cliché remind us, to finish first first you have to finish.

    Even so, 2nd in the constructors and a double podium last time out at Spa is nothing to get too upset about.

    Spa 2nd.png

    The Car

    Whilst the 2015 919 Hybrid may bare the same name as it's predecessor you'd be greatly mistaken to assume that this is still the same car that debuted at Silverstone over a year ago. Boasting around 90% new parts, combined with their move from the 6MJ to 8MJ subclass and a significant reduction in weight have made the Porsche's almost untouchable in a straight line, which so far has helped them keep the arguably better Audi's at relative bay in the two races so far.

    But one thing that hasn't seemed to change much is the Porsche's reliability which so far this season, ignoring Brendon Hartley's bizarre trip through a marshal's post at Spa, has cost them the lead - and a very real shot at victory - in both races so far.

    Silverstone Garage.png

    The Prediction

    As a result, whilst I expect Porsche to be very quick through qualifying, and especially so through the first part of the lap, baring in mind how much Audi's 'Le Mans' package seems to have clawed back the straight line deficit between the two teams it seems a Porsche victory at Le Mans is going to take some serious work.

    However, it is important to remember that Porsche did come close last year with the #20, admittedly before reliabilty scuppered any prospects they might have had whilst Webber was rapidly closing in on Audi's lead. So to rule them out completely would not be entirely fair.

    But it will be certainly be an interesting battle at the pointy end, especially with Porsche's third car and the Hulk in the mix as well.

    Next time on the 'Road to Le Mans': The reigning champions Toyota, and their troublesome start to the season.

    Are excited for the prospect for an Audi v Porsche Le Mans heavyweight showdown? Or do you think it'll just be an anti-climax? Comment below!
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  2. Brownninja97


    This year of le mans, you know sometimes you know something epic is about to happen, its like that feeling of euphoria you when you are at the start of a rollercoaster. This isnt going to be an easy week waiting for the race to start, likely having to argue with parents so i can stay awake. Anyways im rambling, back on topic i think we know porsche and audi are going to duke it out until the very end, im curious as to what secret roads they will exploit this time as well :). Going back in time to Silverstone we saw one of the most epic battles in well race car history, im only 18 but that is the best race i ever saw before with shockers from all classes. Toyota will either pull themselves together or have a battle with the privates and Nissan. Unless something serious happens this is pretty much guaranteed to be the best le mans this century, i route for porsche but in the end may the best time win. Im glad i got back into motorsport last year. I'm calling it, next year porsche will have 20mJ
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