Road textures blurry in VR


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Jan 27, 2014
Can anyone help please? I have tired every setting I can think of.
I have found people with the same issue by searching but no solutions.
If I lean out of the car the road textures beneath me are great but 3 foot ahead of the car they are blurry and out of focus. On tracks like Great wall, the wall its elf is blurry ahead but the wall textures are HD as I pass them if that makes sense.
I have tried turning filters off, ran on max settings and min, turned up S to 1.5 and with a host of options on and off and its always the same and I get a consistent 90fps on almost all settings.

Anyone had this issue and fixed it?

Oculus CV1 by the way


Brandon Wright

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Nov 14, 2014
The setting is called Anisotropic filtering. Maybe you can force 8x or 16x through the driver
Correct, you can set AF to 16x in the game (or CM). It doesn't completely fix it but it makes it 90% better and good enough that you don't notice it unless you look for it. Especially useful on tracks that have the yellow dividing line in the middle of the road, like Black Cat County.
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