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Road America cameras

Misc Road America cameras 1.01

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Black Wagtail submitted a new resource:

Road America cameras - For lilski_road_america cameras_2.ini cameras_3.ini csv

For lilski_road_america.
If you're using another camera, please rename my file.
csv is an adjustment for gt3 car.
A CSV file is used to move a camera.

- Added cameras_2.ini TV 3 ; Other camera
- Added cameras_3.ini Drone; Most is a drone camera
- Added csv
- Included layout moto

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cameras_3.ini Drone
If i'm right .csv define the limit of the track for AI cars. So i guess he found some errors or he optimized each corner of the track
i don't think this is to define track limits for AI. There are 14 or 15 of these csv files to go in the Data folder.
Black Wagtail updated Road America cameras with a new update entry:

- Added cameras_4.ini

- Added cameras_4.ini GT WC ; For normal is like GT World Challenge America 2020
- Added cameras_4.ini Moto ; For moto is like Moto America 2020

cameras_4.ini Moto
View attachment 403860 View attachment 403861 View attachment 403862 View attachment 403863 View attachment 403864 View attachment 403865 View attachment 403866 View attachment 403867 View attachment 403868 [ATTACH...

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