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RMR Red Bull Hyundai

Skins RMR Red Bull Hyundai 1.0

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WizrdZombi submitted a new resource:

RMR Red Bull Hyundai - A custom skin for the RB10 based on Rhys Millen's Formula Drift Hyundai Genesis Coupe

RMR Red Bull Hyundai
By WizrdZombi


This is the Red Bull RB10, in an alternative livery. It is based on that of the Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis coupe.


The skin comes in HD(4096) and SD(2048) included in the .rar File.

This version includes (most of) the logos of the RMR car, as well...​

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I like this design.Maybe on the airbox 1-2sponsors...?But all in all great work:thumbsup:
Sadly, due to the Red Bull's Skin, they get mirrored and end up unreadable on the other side, I would love to though, that is an area i feel that needs improving