RIP Jules Biachi.

Feb 24, 2011
Very sad news to post. Rest in Peace, Jules.

A Statement from the Bianchi Family

Nice, France
Saturday 18 July 2015
02.45hrs France │ 01.45hrs UK

It is with deep sadness that the parents of Jules Bianchi, Philippe and Christine, his brother Tom and sister Mélanie, wish to make it known that Jules passed away last night at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) in Nice, (France) where he was admitted following the accident of 5th October 2014 at Suzuka Circuit during the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“Jules fought right to the very end, as he always did, but today his battle came to an end,” said the Bianchi family. “The pain we feel is immense and indescribable. We wish to thank the medical staff at Nice’s CHU who looked after him with love and dedication. We also thank the staff of the General Medical Center in the Mie Prefecture (Japan) who looked after Jules immediately after the accident, as well as all the other doctors who have been involved with his care over the past months.

"Furthermore, we thank Jules’ colleagues, friends, fans and everyone who has demonstrated their affection for him over these past months, which gave us great strength and helped us deal with such difficult times. Listening to and reading the many messages made us realise just how much Jules had touched the hearts and minds of so many people all over the world.

"We would like to ask that our privacy is respected during this difficult time, while we try to come to terms with the loss of Jules.”

April Dillon

Dec 11, 2009
Really sad news. He must have been one of the strongest talents to enter Formula 1 in recent years. And I think we'll all remember him by his triumph, when he showed us all what he's capable of, something he can be proud of.

Best wishes to the Bianchi family.

Terry Rock

Oct 24, 2009
I was really hoping for a miracle.
It's sad to lose Jules in this way.
He was a real talent and seemed like a genuinely 'grounded' guy.
I'll never forget his interview in Monaco with Buxton.
He was so proud to have his family come out and watch the race.


Simracer since 99 / 3D Engineer & Game Developer
Oct 14, 2012
I am home alone.
Weather is amazing.
There is a road trip with friend awaiting me in few hours, towards city where beerfest is organized.

I wake up and read these news. These sad news. How will i cheer up when we lose someone from the F1 family?

Will this bring back people in reality as the greatness of F1 danger, lurking on every corner in every second, in every moment when you are not 100% on the task?

So so so sad......

I will never forget him. For his brief, but amazing time. With very very bad team, to a one single, heroic, amazing, point.

May he rest in peace!!!
And now race with the legends up in the sky...

Lesley Buurlage

I'm fast as fook boy
May 7, 2013
what counts for senna, counts also for jules: he is not dead, he is just 1 lap ahead. R.i.p JB17, go race for glory with the other legends in heaven #tousavecjules

Mark Aalberts

Mar 6, 2010
Feels like Stefan Bellof, also a very promising talented driver with a great future ahead of him but taken away at the wrong time.

The Monaco race would have given Jules that Ferrari seat,... rest in peace Jules.

Lesley Buurlage

I'm fast as fook boy
May 7, 2013
the ending of this vid is even better than fast and furious 7, r.i.p jules :cry::cry::cry:
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