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Rig decision: ASR4 or ASR6

I'm hoping to tap the communal knowledge for which rig better meets my needs: Advanced Sim Racing ASR4 vs ASR6.

I'm eventually upgrading to a Simucube 2 Pro, Heusinkveld sprint pedals, and some sort of H-shifter and handbrake. I race GT, rally, and some Formula 1. I plan to run triple monitors eventually, no VR and no motion. FYI, I'm a beefy dude at 6'2" and 240 lbs (188 cm and 109 kg). I'm in the USA, which is my primary reason for sticking with a North American vendor (that, and I've heard they provide excellent customer service).

So, what are your thoughts? ASR4 or ASR6? Is the cost difference of $240 USD (~202 Euros, or 173 GBP, acc to Google) worth the upgrade? Do I need something as beefy as the ASR6?


Authorised Vendor
Hello GTO Junkie! Thanks for shopping with us.

Quite frankly, the ASR 4 can support the same level of punishment as the ASR 6 when it comes to high-end peripherals.

What you'll gain from upgrading to the ASR 6 is the added height and adjustment opportunities when it comes to the seat's vertical position (more up and down possibilities in the chassis' inner channels) and the pedal plate.

It's not quite a question of "needing" the upgrade at this point, but rather to know if you would go all out on the rig itself as it's the centerpiece of your build. Please note that the ASR 6 is, by default, more expensive than the ASR 4 because it comes stock with adjustable support feet and the premium powder coat finish.

Feel free to reach out directly at 1-866-277-0101 if you have any question (we're also live on Facebook from 9 to 5 on weekdays.


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