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  1. Reneex


    Hi there,
    Untill the full version of Grand Turismo 5 is released I amuse myself with Formula One Championship 2006. But the other day I needed a brake, so I went to the gamestore and purchased Ridge Racer 7. I`ve played RR Revolution many years ago on my PS 1. My opinion off RR 7 is not the greatest but right now I find it amusing.

    My questions are: Are there any RR 7 players out there, or am I alone. If so, do you have any tips and tricks to share with a beginner?

    How many GP-races are there? I´ve played 11 so far.

    Over and out with a mighty slipstream.

    /Reneex (new at the forum)
  2. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
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    Tried the demo, its rubbish!