RIDE 3 'Free Pack 8' Now Available

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A new, free, DLC for RIDE 3 has been released.

Containing the 2006 vintage Ducati Paul Smart 1000 bike and five new career events, the latest free content addition to Milestone's RIDE 3 bike racing game is available for players to download now.

Having made something of a trend deploying free post release content for the game alongside paid DLC, this latest new inclusion to RIDE 3 is a nice bonus for virtual riders who enjoy the less well know machinery Milestone have made a habit of including since the title released back in late 2018.

According to Wiki, the 2006 Ducati Paul Smart is "a retro styled motorcycle built by Ducati in 2006 to commemorate Paul Smart's win at the Imola 200 race in 1972, a win that helped define Ducati's future approach to racing. The bike is styled in the fashion of the Ducati 750 Imola Desmo race bike that Paul Smart rode to victory, and the 1974 750 SuperSport it originally inspired. It is one of the SportClassic series designed by Pierre Terblanche".

Powered by a 992 cc 90° V-twin and weighing it at 181kg, the Ducati Paul Smart isn't the fastest machine ever to leave the production line at Bologna, but still offers a respectable power-to-weight ratio that should provide plenty enough thrills and spills when taken out on track within the game.

As mentioned earlier, this is the eighth free content release for RIDE 3, and Milestone continue to grow what is a very impressive addition to their ever expanding bike racing franchise.

RIDE 3 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC now.

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Anybody here played Ride 3 with the controllers that this dude makes? I love my bikes but playing bike games is always a bit of a let down with an xbone controller. I *really* wanted to love the IoM TT game but it was punishing and a lot of that was down to the controller. Ride 3 is better but I gave up after around 12 hrs because it felt unrewarding with a controller. Given that most of us are here are running driving rigs of various price ranges and complexity I wondered if anybody had any experience with these beastly looking setups. He's been at it a while now, very persistent but you don't see much coverage

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