rFactor - Vintage Formula Vees Series Commencing 20/11/09

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
RD held it's first test of these relatively simple cars on Friday 13th Nov, after a couple of races each on Silverstone Club & Toban RunOffs, and the feedback was unanimously and enthusiastically positive.

The cars (for those who have not had the pleasure just yet) are very basic, single seat, open wheel machines, from circa 1960, using VW Beetle 1200cc running gear.

These cars are low powered, simple, and max out at about 100mph. They are also forgiving, nimble and easy to set up and drive.

More than any other car in rFactor, these cars love the short, twisty tracks that the more powerful cars simply cannot handle.

Commencing Friday 20th, RD will be running Friday night races in an ongoing series of race nights, consisting of 3 short races at tracks ideally suited for the FV's and their naturally close racing.

If you think that "more power = better", then this will not be the series for you.

If, however, you prize close, balanced racing, in vehicles that adapt to whatever style you choose, in a competitive but friendly environment, and are able to look beyond the superficial to get to the core of the FV's, then you will find some of the best racing available in any game, anywhere.

We will see you in Birmingham, Alabama, on Friday.