rFactor triple screen setup

Hi I am using Eyefinity and wanted to see if there are any tips on setting it up in rfactor. I tried multiview in config but that just looks weird. with it turned off it is fine but the car seems extremely long. Race07 looks much better in triple screen. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Eric. K

Will Marquez might/should know that as he is racing with the same setup. Have you tried reducing your field of view?

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
deffinately sounds like FOV to me, When I rand a triplehead setup I spent ages tweaking it for all my games.

Will Marquez

Chris if you go to the rf Config, all I did was change the resolution to what I have (5040 x 1050) and it was good to go. MultiView is unchecked for me. :)

Will Marquez

FOV is around 50 I think. But it was something that I had to play around with as I changed from different F1 mods.
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