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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Will Marquez, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Will Marquez

    Will Marquez

    Was wondering if there is an option in sounds settings that you can change so that you can hear more tire noise to let you know that you are approaching the limit? In Race07 you are able to hear the tires and was curious if anyone knew. Thx. :)
  2. Doug62


    Don't have Race07 but in rFactor if you turn the sound effects up to max it helps. You may find you can adjust the volume in the SFX file. Not sure if this is possible in Race07 though.
  3. Kenneth Jurmann

    Kenneth Jurmann

    Hey Will!

    Check this parts in your plr. The ones in big letters...

    [ Sound Options ]
    Net Race Warning="Secondary\racestart.wav" // Signal that multiplayer game has moved to race session (empty this if you don't want the game to automatically take window focus)
    Maximum Effects="32" // Maximum sound effects playing simultaneously
    Music="1" // Music Toggle
    Track Load Commentary="0" // Whether or not the commentator should talk during track loading
    Realtime In Monitor="1" // Whether to play realtime sounds in monitor
    SoundFX Volume="1.00000" // 0.0-1.0
    Engine Volume="1.00000" // 0.0-1.0
    Traction Control="1.75000" // Volume multiplier
    Player Volume Ratio="1.10000" // Additional volume multiplier for player's vehicle
    Other Volume Ratio="0.50000" // Additional volume multiplier for other vehicles
    Music Volume="0.29655" // 0.0-1.0
    Pit Volume="0.50000" // 0.0-1.0, controls volume of pit sounds while you're at the monitor
    Spotter Volume="0.69655" // 0.0-1.0
    Sound Detail="3"
    Speed Of Sound="400.00000" // 340m/s at sea level, but lower numbers help exaggerate the Doppler effect
    Vehicle Scrubbing VolMult="0.0000710352" // "0.0000610352"
    Vehicle Scrubbing FreqGrip="-0.25000"
    Vehicle Scrubbing FreqSpeed="0.00195"
    Vehicle Skidding VolMult="0.0002220703" // "0.0001220703"
    Vehicle Skidding FreqGrip="-0.25000"
    Vehicle Skidding FreqSpeed="0.00195"
    Vehicle Roadnoise VolSpeed="32.00000"
    Vehicle Roadnoise VolMult="0.0000080000" // "0.0000050000"
    Vehicle Roadnoise FreqMin="0.80000"
    Vehicle Roadnoise FreqMult="0.00391"

    I changed those settings a few weeks ago, as I had the same question and searched all over the net to find a thread where this was mentioned... :wink: Have fun!
  4. Will Marquez

    Will Marquez

    Thanks guys I'll try those settings out. :)
  5. maranello55


    SoundFX Volume="1.00000" // 0.0-1.0

    I change that to 3

    And ive also adjusted the freq of the skid n scrub noise. Im getting better and audible tire noiseso i know wuts happening with the car more.

    HistoriX have some good tire noise.
  6. Alexander Rhodes

    Alexander Rhodes

    This is a great change, I can now actually push the limit rather than skip right over it :D thanks guys.
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