rFactor Road Racing Series

Starting from Monday 26 July I will be organising an unofficial mini series in the European Racing Club, based around road racing.

I will be keeping track of scoring, with the top 15 scoring points from each of the six events, you will have to complete at least 75% of the race to score points. All races will start at the usual time of 1900GMT. Sign ups will be on an event by event basis, just like normal club events.

Bathurst Legends 72 is the mod of choice - of the correct era, with three contrasting cars, but not too many options to overwhelm, as the real focus in this series is on the tracks themselves.

Speaking of which the schedule will look something like this:

26/07 - Sachsenring 1967
02/08 - Spa 1967
09/08 - Longford 1967
16/08 - Mount Panorama 1967
23/08 - Dundrod 1950
30/08 - Machwerk 1967

Although this is points based competition, we will still adhere to club rules, so waiting after an incident etc still applies.

Points system:

1: 30
2: 26
3: 23
4: 21
5: 19
6: 17
7: 15
8: 13
9: 11
10: 9
11: 7
12: 5
13: 3
14: 2
15: 1


finally a league for these great cars. Wil we be able to choose a car/skin each to avoid duplicates and a full field or will it be open?

Lee Knight

I would very much be interested in participating in this series as its very much along the lines of something
Ive been thinking about for a while.(Valiant please)
Im not sure though if my internet is up to the task, being wireless.
So how do I go about signing up?
Is it possible to nominate a track to add?
If need be I'll find the author & obtain relevant permissions if Im just told what's necessary.
Even if I cant join in the fun due to above mentioned Net speed troubles,I'd definitely like to help
out in some way because I so love the longer lapping tracks -I already have all of them bar Sachsenring '67
Hoping to hear back from you soon & best of luck with it,

PS. Read rules & applied for licence-hopefully will be able to join in the fun soon.

Lee Knight

Still waiting for licence to be confirmed so that I can join in.
Which means,unfortunately,I wont be able to join in at Spa'67.
Hoping to have it in time for Longford....

Lee Knight

Been blasting GT40 'round Spa for months,Valiant is definitely a change of pace!
Still learning Dundrod, phewoar!!!
Will there be more Real Road Races after Dundrod?
Can we vote for which tracks to be added?
My vote would be for RF Private-Aus_Lemans,fantasy track based on real public roads in Victoria,Australia.
Currently trying to get in touch with author just in case it's possible-I'm guessing it would be up to
mini-series creator Ryan Callen....What do you reckon Ryan?
9.8km laps,with nothing but wooden fences,hay bales & tree's?

Lee Knight

No sweat about the track Ryan,perhaps next mini-series.
Got a couple of questions about the event this evening, do you mind if I PM you?
Im starting to think maybe I should skip Spa & join in at the Longford if I dont get my head around it in time.
Im a NOOB to racing on-line & dont wish to be a thorn in anyones side due to my Noob-ness.
Thanks for your time,BLeeK.

Ondrej Kapal

My race report from the last race :) I really enjoyed making it! Enjoy :p

EDIT: I found that when are you watching this video from this side, it has bad FPS so it is better to watch it on YOUTUBE by clicking on it :)
Final Standings for the Road Racing Series:

Thomas Lee - 99
2. Adam Eggbeer - 92
3. Chris Butcher - 60**
4. Alessandro Gamberini - 53
5. Daniel Ouff - 49
6. Toby Davis - 38
6. Christian da Freitas - 38
8. Nicholas Cole - 30*
8. Julien Luca - 30*
8. Magnus Dahlgren - 30*
11. Gary Lennon - 26
11. Valerio Vinassa - 26
13. Dariusz Swiderski - 23
13. Lee Knight - 23
13. Toni Talvitie 23
16. Mattia Gottardi - 21
17. Robert Woodward - 17
18. Ondrej Kapal - 15

Big congrats to Thomas for his overall win - consistency and patience won the day. You deserve it :)
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