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    ok, I really don't get it.. I just got stuck in understanding of the origin points when I got that there are few different origins... So.. For example when I started modelling I found no info on where should my 0.0.0 in max actually be so I checked other mods and I saw that height origin is somewhere below the chasis, but not actually touching the bottom of the wheels, not going through the wheel axis, not touching the actual bottom of the car... so I guessed it doesn't matter... Later I found out it is advisable to put the origin between the axis of the wheels.. But it was too late cause I already did the suspension, the feelers and other stuff according to the origin..

    But then I found out that there is something called "reference plane" which I don't really get what it is.. And also there is the "graphical offset" thing.. And center of gravity is position according to the reference plane.. But what is "reference plane"?? Is the max's origin and reference plane the same? Or is the graphical origin max origin? And then when I started doing the undertrays I got that it counts the distance from the center of the wheel axis.. WHYYYY?? Why so many different origins?? I don't get anything..

    And now I have a feeling I did all my suspension wrong cause it probably doesn't get all the points from the original origin (max) but from something else.... AAAHH!! oooh but wait... the pm file should automatically align to the graphical wheels?!?! AAaaaah!! Now it's getting even more complicated!! it's killing me to..

    So what I am asking is:
    -What is the max origin actually used for?
    -What is reference plane and it's relation to max' origin
    -What is "graphical offset"?
    -Where is then "center of gravity"?
    -What happened to my suspension if I did it all according to max origin. Is it in the correct place or not?
    -and I also have a hunch these are not the only origins out there but gets even more complicated

    Can I have a clarification on this matter please??
  2. Andreas Biester

    Andreas Biester

    I'll try answering this with my experience from Race 07 (Which uses the same Engine). And will tell you what i had to do before actually bringing the car Ingame.

    The Height origin is generally used for determining the Rideheight of the Chassis ingame which then can be moved Up/Down with the physics. This usually is the Center of the Chassis (Height/Width/Length axis).

    Dunno bout the Reference plane - This might could be a Plane with a Reference picture on it?

    The Center of Gravity *Should* be the same Origin as the Height Origin - since Max doesn't allow for 2 Origins for the same Object.
    If you want to place this physicaly correct you'd have to know the Real Cars wheight balance (Front, rear, height) to really determine this and move the Objects origin there to be used as Height AND Gravity Origin

    (When Exporting max will pick the Relative center of Both objects to determine their world Position).

    Wheel Axis origin - this actually is the Center of your Wheels (Or Rims on them). Along with the center of your Brakediscs and everything else. It is used to determine the wheels Position on road and move them Up/Down along the Suspension. - For correct wheel height there are a few things you need to do so they touch the Ground/Don't stick into the ground (Tyre Radius).

    (When Exporting max will pick the Relative Center of All Wheels with their Components to determine their World positioning).

    Graphical Offset - Nothing's always lined up Perfect. This is used to do the fine Alignment of everything ingame without touching the Meshes anymore. You can use this to fine tune the X,Y,Z placement of your Car's objects to be displayed correctly ingame.

    What you should do before exporing your model

    It actually is a good thing to have EVERYTHING done before exporting, and let max set the various objects Origin to their Center. When exporting 3ds max will determine the positioning of the objects in the world from what objects are used (For exapmple car Body will only use it's origin as World positioning - Whereas the wheels could be placed wrong if not all of them are Selected to be Exported and then are split apart later).

    Also make sure to scale everything down to fit the actual game scale. For this i recommend you to import an existing car Body to get a general feel of the Ingame Scale and to Scale your model according to this.

    I hope this helps.
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