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rfactor opponent sound problem - possible bug? please help!

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Mo Selvarajah

Oct 21, 2008
ok so heres the situation.

youtube video example here: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MLmKzVkSDY[/ame]

(read the bit under 'more info' also)

In rfactor:

this is regardless of what mod im playing, what car, what track, it doesn't matter.

If i put the opponent volume ratio to its lowest setting, in game, 50%, and player volume to 150%, some opponents I can still here at their full volume i.e. their car is the same volume as my car.

If i go to PLR and adjust the 'other volume ratio' line so its 0.1000, or even 0.0500, or just 0.0000 - any combination - this time some opponents are near silent, which is excellent...........but other opponents still remain at full volume, the same volume as my car.

Its making it totally impossible for me to drive if im near to an opponent whos engine is as loud as mine, as i cannot hear what my car is doing at all, and difficult to control the throttle.

Why is it doing this? Why is it working for some opponents when i reduce the volume, and not others???

i have talked to other people who have experienced the same problem, on different pc's so i presume this is a bug???? does ANYONE know how to fix it?

would really appreciate some help on this.


There are quite a few people with this problem apparently, including myself. Unfortunately I haven't found a sensible solution apart from editing a file from each mod which is affected. This will almost certainly cause online mismatches but it's okay for offline racing. I can't remember which file needs adjusting at the moment and I'm just about to leave for work but if you'd like I could find out. But remember, as I stated earlier, it's not perfect as it's only any use for offline.
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