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rFactor - New and Improved

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Marcel vd Aa

AC Paint Guru
Aug 28, 2008
Hi rFactor fans,
As you might have noticed, there has been a recent decrease in the number of rFactor racing club events...
Because of this i have took it upon myself to try and fill in the gap; i think rFactor can still hold its own when it comes to great and fun simracing...

I've set up a few general guidelines i will be working with:
First of all i will try to setup a number of racing series, re-occuring events with the same mods/classes. Think of PCC, Megane Trophy, HistorX and other high quality mods with a strong fanbase. Also i would like to have events where people actually have a chance of finishing instead of being overwhelmed by the difficulty. Offcourse the true hardcore simmers amongst you will not be forgotten but those events will be less frequent.
And last but not least; the 'tradition' of the Wacky Wednesday will be carried through. Think soapboxes and other crazy stuff...

Secondly, i have no intention of organizing races with every new mod that is released. I want to keep it as simple as possible. Offcourse there is room for new mods but they will be thoroughly tested by either myself or by you as the RD rFactor community. To maintain simplicity i plan on making a list with a fixed number of mods and tracks to start with and evaluate that every 3 months or so.

Third, and imo one of the most important issues, i will need your help on getting to know what mods you would like to see in these racing series and why...
Also i want to make an inventory of what tracks you would like to race on.
Remember that mods need to be well balanced and that they offer some great racing. I will open a thread where you can share your ideas. Offcourse i also have my own ideas on the subject but i am very keen to hearing your ideas.

Since this is a fairly new to me, i am also hoping that i can count on you as rFactor community to make my life as rF event organizer as simple and uncomplicated as possible. I am very excited to take this to a new level and i am looking forward to both working and racing with you.

I understand that you might have felt a bit forgotten in the past few weeks but i would like to ask for a little bit more patience. There is a lot i need to familiarize myself with so i am thinking that the 1st of February is a nice date to start the new rFactor era here at RaceDepartment.

Regards, Marcel

Ollie Flint

Awsome. Can't wait! I know Rich Cookson, Charlie Heath and myself will be regulars.

Looking forward to it. Cheers.

Ramon van Rijn

RaceDepartment Co-Founder
May 19, 2007
Excellent post and fantastic initiative Marcel.
I am sure the drivers will help and appreciate your efforts. I will for sure.
Dec 19, 2008
Fantastic! As Ollie said, myself and Rich Cookson will be there!

Can I put forward the GP79 mod for an occasional race?

Bob Luneski

Dec 13, 2008
I am new to simracing and know nothing about rFactor. What aspects of rFactor make it an appealing racing platform? Easier or harder to learn than GTR evo?


Paul Godden

Jun 26, 2008
Cool - I will be a regular just as soon as I've sorted out all this house moving stuff going on at the moment. I reckon I should be clear come the start of March!! :good:


at :rules: we are still playing it. Sinds 2005.Still a great game

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
I will sure try this again,I remember the Fun race with the GTL Mod in Rouen
racing with the Abarth was great fun..


Dean Tew

Jan 27, 2009
hi everyone
i was just wondering if the 25 posts rule still applied to rf racing club.both me and lee russel are hoping to be able to join the upcoming races. were not silly little boys and do our best to have a clean race.
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