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rfactor mods F1 1967 - 1971

Hello and sorry for the title, I'm just asking ... honestly I don't know anything at all,

I'm very late to the party, almost everything is closed (links closed, forums closed, mods forgotten, all moving from sims)
everyone enjoyed rfactor and I just discovered all this ... when the blinds close:cry::cry::cry:

I wonder if anyone saw or found these mods in any forum, page or internet cavern ...
So there are the questions:
(if possible a link)

1-is there a 1967 f1 mod? (I know there is the great f1 1967 racing legends mod from BorekS deep-strike 2.0.3, which is "the same but different", but I mean if there is a FULL specific mod, since the boreks mod only has a few cars only.)

1b- even if it's a re skin?
(don't get me wrong, the boreks mod is one of my favorites)

Here's another one, but I don't dare to compare, I don't even know about physics.
someone knows?

and here is another "identical but different"
(has several more files)
(search 1967)

2- f1 1968? the only site was this: https://pitlaneweb.blogspot.com/search/label/F1 1968, and it is only "lite", (by the way, in a forum I found the one who created it, indeed, I only left it in "lite, not completed) still very good.
but I don't know anything, did you see another one?

3-same for 1969, I found in a forum a link from medifire to "PATCH", but not to the complete mod. (Again, on the pitlaneweb page I found it, but I trust you more than you know, so I ask if it is complete elsewhere)

3b- are there several similar mods, from different modders ???

4- 1970? I didn't find anything ... you guys?

5-1971, it cost me horrors:mad::mad: to look for this beautiful mod. I ask if anyone has it complete, original, plus all the patches and expansions, and dlc, and updates etc etc ...

here I only found the update .....

here one that "says" to be complete ... but I don't trust this page

here I found the "base" modified, or complete, I don't know what to think.
it has full pilots helmets and other little things.

here another.
the one posted by chiefwiggum, but without helmets.
....but it has the monza update.
I am very lost with this mod. there are several sources, with updates.

.... anyway, I would like to know which are the best mods of those years, and where I find them.

I forgot .... any trackpack according to those years, "for the occasion"? (60´s-70´s)

I will personally thank whoever helps me.;);)
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reread, because edit the article.Thank you.

anything else,
one of the 1971 mods, has the wrong folder "UIdata"
(They wrote "Uldata", with a lowercase letter "L", not with a capital "i")
Uldata (lowercase L, "l")
UIdata (capital i "I")
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Thank you very much, (of course, I had already put it in the link above) still thank you very much.

by the way I left you a message in "conversations". Regards.
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the mod i found was the v1.0 on the vintage racing sims forums but none of the links work if soeone can help thanks. i also found a 1970 from some people on facebook some f1 99-02 converts with a few original cars in the pack.
just look up rfactor f1 1970 mod and you will see a video with the gold leaf lotus in the thumbnail click on that. and then click the link to go too there facebook page scroll down a bit then there will be a one drive link click that and it will take you to a folder make sure to download the sounds for the mod as well since they did not include them in the car zip. for the 1969 mod the only links i know that work are on hso for the v96.0 version of the mod the v1.0 links don't work on the vintage sim forums that is it.
thanks, :) ;)
thanks, but rfactor's offline AI is lousy.
all forming rows. they have excellent mods. sure.
but it is not in "game", it is a graphic engine for online, offline is abandoned.
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so far all mods that AI Talents (rcd files) do not have, form lines and do not advance. also they do not respect that you are next to them. They brake as if you did not exist in front of them.

but the worst thing (having almost no mod rcd talents) is that the complete grid of cars is mixed ... a car can win that should not, or well-known cars and drivers that should be in front cannot pass anyone.

In addition, the AI does not respect the classification of each category (such as F1). They all go around non-stop.

anyway ... clearly rfactor's AI is a "compliment" on isi. It is all focused on modding and online ... almost a little offline.
almost all mods are "league".
NOTHING TO DO with the AI of F1 Challenge 99-02, in the AI it is authentically competitive and historically realistic. (Another thing is that it is not very aggressive). It is because he is focused on representing 4 seasons of f1.
while rfactor has nothing full of ONE season of something. has a bit of everything mixed in.

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