rfactor mods F1 1967 - 1971

Hello and sorry for the title, I'm just asking ... honestly I don't know anything at all,

I'm very late to the party, almost everything is closed (links closed, forums closed, mods forgotten, all moving from sims)
everyone enjoyed rfactor and I just discovered all this ... when the blinds close:cry::cry::cry:

I wonder if anyone saw or found these mods in any forum, page or internet cavern ...
So there are the questions:
(if possible a link)

1-is there a 1967 f1 mod? (I know there is the great f1 1967 racing legends mod from BorekS deep-strike 2.0.3, which is "the same but different", but I mean if there is a FULL specific mod, since the boreks mod only has a few cars only.)

1b- even if it's a re skin?
(don't get me wrong, the boreks mod is one of my favorites)

Here's another one, but I don't dare to compare, I don't even know about physics.
someone knows?

and here is another "identical but different"
(has several more files)
(search 1967)

2- f1 1968? the only site was this: https://pitlaneweb.blogspot.com/search/label/F1 1968, and it is only "lite", (by the way, in a forum I found the one who created it, indeed, I only left it in "lite, not completed) still very good.
but I don't know anything, did you see another one?

3-same for 1969, I found in a forum a link from medifire to "PATCH", but not to the complete mod. (Again, on the pitlaneweb page I found it, but I trust you more than you know, so I ask if it is complete elsewhere)

3b- are there several similar mods, from different modders ???

4- 1970? I didn't find anything ... you guys?

5-1971, it cost me horrors:mad::mad: to look for this beautiful mod. I ask if anyone has it complete, original, plus all the patches and expansions, and dlc, and updates etc etc ...

here I only found the update .....

here one that "says" to be complete ... but I don't trust this page

here I found the "base" modified, or complete, I don't know what to think.
it has full pilots helmets and other little things.

here another.
the one posted by chiefwiggum, but without helmets.
....but it has the monza update.
I am very lost with this mod. there are several sources, with updates.

.... anyway, I would like to know which are the best mods of those years, and where I find them.

I forgot .... any trackpack according to those years, "for the occasion"? (60´s-70´s)

I will personally thank whoever helps me.;);)
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reread, because edit the article.Thank you.

anything else,
one of the 1971 mods, has the wrong folder "UIdata"
(They wrote "Uldata", with a lowercase letter "L", not with a capital "i")
Uldata (lowercase L, "l")
UIdata (capital i "I")
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Thank you very much, (of course, I had already put it in the link above) still thank you very much.

by the way I left you a message in "conversations". Regards.
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