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RFactor Help Lost My Names

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I've invited a buddy out to run the RFactor simulator and it doesn't show my or my sons information anymore for players. I added my friend. When I go to the folders it shows me and my son and not my friend. So bascially I open the program it shows only my friend and not my son and me anymore, but when I go to the folders UserData it only show me and my son. How do I recover my son and myself and get my friend on there so we can quickly pick between the three of us. We hope to have World Domination. Check out the Greatest Lap At Lugana Seca Ever on You Tube for the proof.

Here to help in anyway I can if you need it.
7change.com Racing
a.k.a. Rob Hogenmiller

Paul Godden

Jun 26, 2008

Is this Windows Vista? If it is, I know that if you enable UAC, it will save your data in the user's folder (normally C:\Users\[login name]\Documents\rFactor\UserData) - but if it's disabled, it will save it in the rFactor\UserData folders.
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