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rFactor Club - Porsche Nordschleife Enduro

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Lee Palmer, May 2, 2011.

  1. Lee Palmer

    Lee Palmer

    Coming this Friday in the rFactor racing club is a special event for the Porsche Carrera Cup. The GB series mod which has been running on Fridays for the past few months will hit the legendary roads of the Nordschleife circuit.

    The event itself will be a single hour long 'endurance' event around 'the ring'. The race promises to be a good challenge for drivers with tyres being a key concept. Interested in joining? See the appropriate thread below for more information of how to get involved.

    For the EU thread click: Here!

    For the AUS / US thread click: Here!

    The event will be ran three times. Drivers are not limited to one event and can participate in all three should they wish to.

  2. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    Sweet :) Ill do my best to be there!