WIP [rFactor] Buzet HillClimb W.I.P

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    Hello, almost 3 months ago i started working on a famous Croatian Hill Climb track which is driven in both European and Croatian Hill Climb championship.

    In june i hardly done any work at all but in May i had a good kick-start , made the more than 40% of the track in less than 3 weeks, and then had some real life crap going on , now few days ago started working on it again, its about 70% done right now , im working on a lot of the details , track texturing bla bla bla, now here are a few screenies i took during constructing the track
    and a video from 2 months ago (more stuff has been done since the video of course but just to give you a clue whats going on)
    Heres also a link to my rFcentral WIP page





    More updates to come :)
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