rFactor 2 Wishlist


Damage improvements would be nice, increase in number of parts that can detach and handling of detached parts would be nice to be such that driving onto loose wheel could be made as much of hazard as it is in reallife, that makes bit more thrill to the game and affects driver behavior so that they must be more careful than before.

Also it would be nice to be possible to define how parts will deform, for some parts it would be nice to have cracking effect, so that part instead of bending goes to few pieces, along the 3d model edges where impact has happened, this could be used to make window and fiberglass effects, texture effects in this area are quite bit lacking of and not really offering possibility to make reallife level damage which would add greatly to depth of experience and way people race as it would be no longer ok to drive 40mph to wall, it would add visual effect to properly made damage that would stop car from racing as things would be in reallife.

For track making it would be nice to see Bob's track builder supporting rfactor2, that of course is not alone ISI's area, but their devkit is bit of key there.

Real proper turbo modelling would be nice, some make power curve to be too low at low rpm to 'simulate' turbo engine, which really does not do it (it might work for full throttle situations, but even for there low rpm would be then quite bit off, high rpm low throttle will be then way off and making car very difficult to handle compared to real car), what turbo does is that it gives throttle to larger range but yes comes with delay until full boost is available, but it really does not make motor to be only high rpm motor, so even simple model of turbo that takes just turbo inertia as parameter and one variable that could be limited to be as a boost (this is to tell gmotor which part of engine power is made by turbo, that is turbo size and how much boost there is), variable would need to be just multiplier to engine torque curve where 1.0 would be torque curve's power ie. full boost and 0.1 would be 10% of boost, that way it would be easier to make real engines from real engine data for modders.

Driving turbo car daily, really shows what rFactor 1 is missing, it is enhanced range of control to power that turbo car has.

Night and car lights to have realistic range is also one of the improvements I would like to see, to make illuminated range of 800 meters which rally lights have is quite challenge in rFactor 1, surely possible, but I haven't got it to look good yet, one part of it is objects ability to cast shadows realistically. That also will add lot more to night racing on rally courses.

Of course as damage goes, some modders prefer less and that is surely option, reducing damage parameters should be possible so that they too get what they prefer as it is with everything really, but when making most realistic possible, there is always possibility to tone down to make more arcade, but if only arcade is possible making realistic becomes a challenge.
Thats not very realistic is it?
Actually, I requested a function for setup building that would let you modify all the adjustable aspects of the car live while on track via a pausing popup menu or even a separate laptop computer. And to get even more unrealistic an A-B loop function so you can test your setup on the same tricky corner over and over if you like without having to lap an entire track.

This would be just for practice sessions obviously and not enabled while in warmup, qualifying or a race.
I WISH the Mirrors control like on iRacing. U adjust like on the real life. Like same way u do on your electrical mirrors on your car. U can adjust individually and u can see the body parts of the car.
My biggest hope for rF2 considering the amount of classic cars they run would be full carburetor simulation.

Backfires, power loss, choke adjustment, fuel mixture, cold starts, flooding, G-Force havoc etc. Half of what made older race cars interesting was their instability and unreliability.

Driving a constant power curve is not fun.

Isaac Chavira

Livery Designer
I'd like to see official modding tools for import and export of 3D models and textures and ability to handle heavier geometry and higher resolution skins. Also if at all possible, visuals as good if not better than Forza 3 and maybe better sounds.

As far as cars/series:

2011 Ferrari F458 Challenge
2011 Jetta TDI Cup
I would like the game not to be such a blank slate for mods, i want ISI to offer a complete package, various tracks (hi res tracks) and series.

As someone who plays mainly f1 mods, rfactor is really lagging behind when it comes to tracks, the quality between different tracks differs greatly, both graphically and in terms of accuracy.

Rfactor 2 should include most of the famous tracks in the world, with professional level of care.
And now in the DLC era, they should offer continuous support and new features, it's good business and good for the costumers.

April Dillon

Being able to load/save in the middle of a race weekend. Rather than doing practice, qualifying and a race all in one sitting.
A more efficient graphics engine. rFactor currently runs slower than my gut tells me it 'should' do, for how it looks.
Teams in races and championships, so there's a competition for the constructor's championship, as well as the driver's. On top of that, running a race team in which you and a friend are driving sounds like fun to me.

Isaac Chavira

Livery Designer
Day/night racing with user variable weather. Oh and track .DDS templates for all of the sponsor banners and signs so we can change them for hosted races.
It would be awesome to have a bit of software linking the real life racing to an ingame race.
So as the cars are racing live you can race with them.

Maybe like the F1 car tracker tracing the possitions of the cars and then link them with the game live.
This mite have been said before but there better be a way to implement KERS, DRS, and any other rule change real racing may come up with in the future.
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