rFactor 2 Wishlist

well since you can ask anything:
More realistic damage like losing just bit of front wing in formula car etc
Good weather witch there allready is but just do it best possible
Maybe making physics as good as possible
Better graphics
some dirt cars and tracks also why not winter too

Jorgen Ekroth

Some small things off the top of my head:
- More info available through the plug-in interface, some things are missing in rF1, like brake wear, tyre compound etc.
- Tyre compound logged to the results file.
- A well documented physics, ideally every single physics parameter would be described in detail along with its unit of measurement, what it affects, etc. It's way too much guesswork with the rF1 physics. If things were properly documented I definitely think the quality of the mods would eventually be better, which in turn would give a better reputation to the game.
- Utilize multi-core CPU's better, i.e. more threading.
- Being able to filter the game list in multiplayer mode.

David Garcia

I would like to see pit babes all around, in the stands, in the camping, in the pit... what you want for animated pit crew? Wouldn´t it be better having animated pit babes dancing and touching each other in a hot fireproof bikinis all around the car during the pit stop? :wink:
I had started one of these a while back on RSC (the new rsc) and I am pretty much the only one posting on it. Its kind of like my personal journal of things that suck in rFactor and add to it whenever I notice something.


I will however re-iterate a few.
-The ability to customize all of the view positions/angles/fov and then save it on a per car basis from in-game.

Currently you have to either edit the ".cams" text document for each car and save and go in and check and leave and change and go in and check
Put on freelook and bind all the cam adjustment controls to move the cameras around. Which works pretty well except the FOV adjustment doesn't specify what angle you are at and as soon as you hit escape and return to the menu all your adjustments are lost. And if you bump your mouse you spin like a top and hit a tree. A bad camera view is the most obvious issue in a race sim. Great example of a BAD view setup

Using the "F" Keys for views perhaps the first 6 and then using a modifier like CTRL+F1 to set a preset.

** Allow the FOV to be adjusted to very low numbers (10-100) sounds good.

-If possible the ability to mux different audio categories (engine, tires, mechanical, wind-noise, ambient, opponent, spotter, etc) to specific channels when using a surround sound 5.1/7.1 receiver.

I would set up a sim cockpit as follows (assuming 5.1). Engine sound from center channel and ".1" sub. Tire squeal from front L/R and rear L/R. Mechanical whine from front L/R only. Windnoise from rear L/R. Ambient track sounds front L/R and rear L/R. Opponent front L/R and rear L/R. Spotter from either center or rear L/R only.

If rF2 could set itself as a digital output using formats such as AC3 or DTS then a receiver would accept and follow any muxing set. Something looking like this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v504/F12Bwth2/Forums/AudioSwitcher.png

-For the UI, the ability to change it to be very utility oriented instead of the flashy modern ipod-esque shuffle view seen in the ISR ep 61.

A good example would be thumbnailed tracks (maybe 20 on screen) or switch to a text only detail view with Length, Miles driven, Install date, and creator that may popup the layout if you hover over it. For cars there can also be thumbnails but in detail could be make, model, horsepower, odometer, mod name and creator columns all sortable so if I want to see what car I drive the most I can just sort by odometer. Not everything needs to work like a damned ipod.
- Clicking escape while practicing doesn't have to reset the car to the pits. And/Or on-the-fly or remote car setup adjustments.

I have been using rFactor so long I forgot that this bothers me. If I am online with friends. Say just cruising on the nordschleife and some minute change needs to be done to the setup you have to go back to pits. There are 2 options I believe could fix this annoyance.

1. Pressing escape ghosts your car so no-one can hit you. Once you wish to re-enter you can press 1 of 2 buttons. Reset(old style respawn) or Continue and you will be returned to a corporal state (possibly with a short delay to allow you to move).

2. This method would be INSANELY better but may require too much work this late in the development. A client-server system that lets you on the fly edit car setting from either a secondary monitor or a completely separate computer. I know reading stats from the I/O and telemetry data can be sent out with a plugin so why couldn't we be driving and at the same time adjusting the steering lock or stiffening the suspension.
Get "All cars and Tracks" into a workable condition.

I have managed to get it working with the dedicated server and a lot of work but I have so many mods installed that it usually just crashes rfactor. Then, when it is working, the opponents list is completely absurd.
The ability to set an input button (Headlights, Traction Control, Pit-limiter) to use an external toggle.

Allowing the cockpit builders to actually use toggle switches for items. The current push on push off is a real pain. Even if it could only be set in an INI incase you don't want to add it to the GUI.

Also the option to have your car always spawn with the ignition off so we have to start it. Seems like I have a beautiful metal starter button for nothing.
-Do not base the number of added AI in a server on the number of car skins available.

Best example is when using Historic GT and Touring. If you throw 30 AI in a server. 50% will be mini's because that car has something like 30 skins to choose from. On the other hand the AC Cobra has 3 skins so the odds of getting one to race against is very low.

-The ability to customize who you are adding as an AI would be helpful.

Maybe a popup list showing all the opponents and clicking the variant adds that car as an AI.
-Allow a server's host to change their current selected car without closing the server.

Seriously. The host can change the track but can't switch what car they have chosen without exiting the server. I can understand not being able to change mods on the fly but certainly the ability to change to any vehicle within a loaded mod.

-Allow the clients to also change their car selection without leaving the server.

Same as above. It really is annoying having to leave a server even though the car you wish to change to is already loaded.

Bind-able Volume controls for various sounds

Every mod has a different volume and sometimes when things get loud around you you need more engine volume to hear your shift points. Just being able to bind to either keys or even an analogue input would be great. Most people with a bodnar have at least 3 analog circuits that could just be volume knobs.

Correct the Throttle to Engine Rev Behavior
At no point in a real car do you push the throttle down half way and have the engine bouncing off the rev limiter. It isn't natural. Please address this.

That is all I have.


The most what i expect - is a great tyres work (like iracing, netcar pro, LFS) and such an amazing work of suspension. cause in rf1 tyres and susp were wrong. changing weather will be nice.. but tyres and susp major priorety so make them the best one
oh... and the telemetry like "motec" would be great to use in game


I wish modern rallycross cars well made. in rfactor 1 none of those.. only decent car for rallycross i have find peugeot 207 s2000 in rfactor1.
I would love to be able to have a weather feed from in game.

For those that have no idea why, as a team manager for the STC I would love to be able to give my drivers ideas on up coming weather as the 90 minute race goes on. It is a bit of a big ask though.
I would love to be able to have a weather feed from in game.

For those that have no idea why, as a team manager for the STC I would love to be able to give my drivers ideas on up coming weather as the 90 minute race goes on. It is a bit of a big ask though.
Would be quite awesome :) Maybe someone experienced could build it as a plugin...:)

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Yes lets hope the game is not only optimized for low end pc's. As rF2 most likely is a game for a longer period of time I really hope that they also care about their high-end users.

Ricardo Rey


I am getting a little anxiuos, but would rather it be done right. I am actually waiting to upgrade to a new PC until it comes out so that I can build it around whatever comes out.

I am not getting a new PC just because of rFactor 2...I have needed a new one for a while. I am still at Dual Core 3.00Ghz with a max of 4GB RAM, which I am not really benefiting from Windows 7 64 bit. However, the new 3DS Max 2012 I just got is 64 bit, so I need 64 bit plugins too.

64 bit has been in consoles for quiet some time.

multi-thread (i7 xtreme edition has 12 threads total)
Some improvement in FPS
a REAL AA mode (2x-4x-8x-16x-MSAA-SSAA)
Mandatory rainspray in wet races
Some base for spotter plugins, dynamic pits (as seen in NASCAR)
chance to download files from the server (to avoid certain mismatches)

Ricardo Rey

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