rFactor 2 Updated, New DX11 Content Added and Substantial F2 Improvements

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    rFactor 2 Formula Two and Sao Paula Update DX11.jpg
    Studio 397 have released a new update for rFactor 2 that adds a rather considerable list of improvements to the Formula Two car as well as bringing new content to DX11 standards.

    Some of you have probably already noted the change log and intention to update to DX11 in the recent rFactor 2 Development Roadmap post released yesterday, and true to their word the development studio have come good on the release and updated both the Brazilian Grand Prix hosting Sao Paulo circuit to the latest DX11 standards as well as bringing a massive and rather impressive list of enhancements to the now rather old Formula Two car, a machine often criticised when it released very early in the life of rFactor 2 (under the guidance of Image Space Incorporated).

    21st June 2017 rFactor 2 Update


    Formula 2 2012 Physics changelog:
    • Full CPM tyre upgrade.
    • AI improvements to help launch on race starts.
    • AI now take longer to warm up tyres.
    • AI correlation tweaks to slightly decrease grip.
    • Added RCD / talent file.
    • AI tweaks to make them faster overall.
    • Lower initial tyre temperatures and more pressure buildup.
    • Softened front ARB.
    • More damping in suspension components.
    • Minor tyre tweaks to include more damping.
    • Correction to low downforce package to add stability.
    • Added optional caster upgrade to help increase the cornering forces in the FFB.
    • Reduced flatspot intensity on front tyres.
    • Softened steering slightly.
    • Low-end torque slightly increased.
    • Corrected unsprung inertia.
    • New engine throttle map.
    • Softened chassis.
    • Improved inertia.
    • Lowered max brake force.
    • Set default brake pressure to realistic typical usage.
    • Rear ARB increased to be bit stiffer and better match the data.
    • Reduced fuel consumption by appropriately 20%, this should give more plausible fuel consumption figures.
    • Slightly less dirty air in the slip-steam (in particular, less understeer so you can follow a tiny bit closer).
    • Front ARB now displays stiffness to make it clearer.
    • Wheel rate correction.
    • Added chassis flex.
    • Added new steering system.
    • Softened shifts, this should make up-shifts more harmonious especially in mid-corner.
    With the release of the F2 and Sao Paulo now completed, Studio 397 have now gone a long way towards bringing the vast majority of first party car and track content to the latest DX11 standards. You can see a full list of the latest build release official content below:

    • Silverstone 2012
    • Mores 2013
    • Indianapolis 2013
    • Nola Motorsports Park 2016
    • AtlantaMP 2014
    • TobanRP 2016
    • MillsMetro 2011
    • Portugal 2009
    • Palm Beach 2012
    • Malaysia 2007
    • Monte Carlo 1966
    • Quebec Super Kart 2011
    • São Paulo 2013
    • StockCar 2015
    • Howston G4 1968
    • Howston G6 1968
    • Indycar Dallara DW12 2014
    • Nissan GT500 2013
    • USF2000 2016
    • AC Cobra 427SC 1967
    • Chevrolet Camaro GT3 2012
    • Corvette C6R GT2 2009
    • Kart Cup
    • Honda Civic BTCC 2013
    • Formula Renault 3.5
    • Renault Clio Cup 2010
    • Brabham BT20 1966
    • Howston Dissenter 1974
    • Panoz Roadster 1999
    • Nissan GTR 2011
    • Formula 2 2012
    rFactor 2 is a racing simulation created by Image Space Incorporated and continued development undertaken by Studio 397. The sim is available to purchase from Steam now.

    For more rFactor 2 goodness you really do need to check out our rFactor 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment. If you want a great place to hang with sim racing fans, catch up on the latest news articles and engage in some pretty special league and club racing events held on a regular basis, then pop over and come make yourself at home!

    Have you tried the new rF2 Formula Two car yet? What do you think of the changes produced by Studio 397? How does the car now rank in comparison to the "best" rFactor 2 has to offer? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Jockey


    Have you tried the new rF2 Formula Two car yet?
    What do you think of the changes produced by Studio 397?
    It feels right.
    How does the car now rank in comparison to the "best" rFactor 2 has to offer?
    It's close or I dare to say that it's even better than USF2000 now.
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  3. Angelo dos Santos

    Angelo dos Santos

    I wonder if the historic F3s (Eve and Spark), will get any love from Studio 397.
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  4. Gui Cramer

    Gui Cramer

    The tires still crown but the higher caster option is much better for FFB than the standard one.
  5. modmad


    Nothing really stands out graphics are nice but the content needs to improve same old boring race cars only the mods will make this game shine the tracks are mostly for NASCAR:sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep: so will wait for something better from AC or Automobilista.
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  6. VirtuaIceMan


    I'm waiting for the Marussia/Formula ISI cars, as I'm prepping a comparison of every PC F1 game ever (already taken screenshots of 103 games!)
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  7. Jamie Blewitt

    Jamie Blewitt

    20170621233907_1.jpg 20170621232014_1.jpg 20170621233541_1.jpg 20170621233803_1.jpg With all the graphics settings maxed out and PP on the high setting Sau Paulo looks great, got to be one of the best virtual renditions of the circuit in any sim around. The F2 car now feels right to drive and the AI provide a very entertaining race.

    Some screenshots:
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  8. Ulises Valido Gonzalez

    Ulises Valido Gonzalez

    please custom championshiop tool
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  9. tlsmikey


    What PP and settings are you guys using in VR?

    I opted out of the beta initially because it was so buggy and bad. Just got back in and oh my....it's come a long ways.
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  10. Stig Bidstrup

    Stig Bidstrup
    Team RDX at Le Mans Classic 2018 Premium

    Esses at Le Mans 67 Beta 0,50 By Woochoo.

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  11. kimbo


    the F2 is fantastic, feels awesome in my g27, i can `t imagine how it feel in a direct drive wheel, pure perfection.
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  12. Gui Cramer

    Gui Cramer

    I'm sorry but especially when it's overcast or rainy, it highlights the opposite. There are reasons for that since the source is from Game Stock Car. You should try Atlanta Motorsports Park.
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  13. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    test Premium

    So the Sao Paulo track is from GSC is that confirmed?
    Does that mean S397 and Reiza are working together sharing IP between studios?
    Not questioning your comment or sources, just genuinely curious.
  14. MarcG


    VR Performance improved especially at Race Starts with this recent Build, Medium/High settings with 29 AI (Enduracers mod) at a few different tracks is a breeze on my not so high spec PC, so this area is improving very nicely.

    Have you tried the new rF2 Formula Two car yet? - Yes

    What do you think of the changes produced by Studio 397? - Never drove the original that much so can't comment

    How does the car now rank in comparison to the "best" rFactor 2 has to offer? - What, the Boxmaster?!
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  15. AriesJ


    I just tried the F2 2012.
    It's very FUN to drive and compete with AI.
    The handling and tire physics are as good as always.
    And I think the AIs are improved too.
    The ways AIs start from grids, maneuver in straight and against player in the corner are cleverer and more natural.
    In last race, I think they just tried to pushed me(slowly come to me but no contact) when me and AI were side by side before the entry of corner. lol
    Now, I can't wait to see the new UI!!! This waiting is killing me.
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  16. gianlucaP


    Boring cars? I would love to have them in my garage. Clio, Civic, Corvette, Camaro, Megane, Formula Renault, Formula 2, USF2000, the incoming Radical SR3 and McLaren car, the Kart, the Honda NSX and the Corvette road cars, the old Formulas and prototypes. They would be all very welcome in my real life.
    And something makes me feel that Studio 397 will get some other cool licenses in the future. Maybe at the end we'll have some other GT and Formula cars and some modern track day cars. And some new tracks. Who knows, but I'm optimistic.
    I don't like ovals, but I like the road courses inside them, a lot. If they want to stick with the american and canadian tracks used for the Indy series I'm ok with that. Because I know what tracks are/were used there.
    Just google for the current Indy series calendar: Sonoma, Watkins Glen, Mid Ohio, Toronto road course, Road America, Gateway Motorsport Park. Add Sebring and Laguna Seca and the tracks already in game and suddenly RF2 becomes a game with a very great track list. Not to say many of the tracks mentioned are used also in the IMSA and CanAm series, giving both the developers and the modders the possibility to bring in game some very cool cars of that series. :D
    I mean, think of the CanAm series. Back then Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren were racing there with terrific prototypes. And look at the tracks used:
    Come on, if Studio 397 would pick this direction, focusing mostly on american and canadian tracks and on those series a racing enthusiast can't complain. I don't need 7 random Ferraris or Porsches and few random boring modern F1 tracks. I don't care of Pagani. This is what I would call boring, because it's in every game nowadays.
    Porsche 908/03, McLaren M8A, Ferrari 312 PB, Alfa Romeo 33/3 and the CanAm circuits would be very welcome instead. And I hope that Studio 397 will stick with the american and canadian tracks and series right for this reason. The track list is awesome and the series used great cars. And nobody can stop me from going there with the Enduracers content, the Clio Cup or the ASR Formula mods. ;)
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  17. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    I don't remember well the details, but Reiza did convert his track for rF2, with ISI at that time: http://www.virtualr.net/sao-paulo-rfactor-2-released
    I think it was when ISI was trying to get more content into the game; the 3PA was part of the process.
    Not sure it will bring anything more than this track. At least it is not a new cooperation. :)
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  18. SeriousNewb


    Is this in the Steam Workshop and is it DX11 compatible? I'm running the beta only and a bit confused on which content to try other than S397's own (e.g. in the Workshop) which has now been updated.
  19. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    test Premium

    Anyway, I rarely answer the questions posed at the end of these terrific articles, sorry Paul

    Have you tried the new rF2 Formula Two car yet?
    Yes, I managed to throw it around Silverstone and Sao Paulo with some AI which was a LOT of fun.

    What do you think of the changes produced by Studio 397?

    The changes made by this team have been nothing short of amazing, DX11 has brought the title bang up to date and it's now one of the better looking titles out there but also has the best FFB and feel to the cars imho.

    How does the car now rank in comparison to the "best" rFactor 2 has to offer?

    This is a little more of a tough question.
    For official content, I really like driving the USF2000, Chevy GT3 and Nissan GT500 cars
    For third party content, Enduracers is pretty much constantly on as I'm a bit of an Aston fan so enjoying a lot of GT and LMP2 action lately. AI is just so good on this title.
    But to answer I used to quite like the Formula 2 car before the updates, now it's just mega!
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  20. SeriousNewb


    With the current/old DX9 I had tons of mods installed Enduracers, Simtek, UnitedRacingDesign (URD is payware, they updated their DTM 2012/13 mods for DX11) along with several tracks including the 90s Le Mans as it was the only one I could find. I removed all except S397's own as part of a clean install as I wasn't sure what if anything is still safe/recommended to use and with the old UI it's almost impossible to keep track of what content you have added, especially if you leave the game for a while and come back... Any thoughts/advice on what to use with DX11?

    Side note: I'm using the Le Mans mod for AC and with the LMP1 cars (with hybrid implemented) it's great but I sort of would prefer the have the same in rF2...
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