rFactor 2 Setups

A set-up for 993 APEX for Indy Gp.
My problem is,the car turn no good (It's a Porsche,i know )The front axle is too "light !
Sorry for my english....
Thank you

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
This car is a disaster physics wise in my view. The worst 911 I have driven.
You cant make it turn in. Moment you hit throttle it pushes wide and you cant lower diff lock on power. Only way is to provoke lift off oversteer and get it turned in way too much then it will push wide soon as you use throttle.
This is not anti apex rant the SLS AMG is OK.

Lower front pressures to min/ raise rears by heaps.
same with springs, dampers, arbs.
It still wont work but it will be slightly less bad.