rFactor 2 Performance drop last week.

Gustavo da Silva

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May 18, 2014
Hello everyone,

Im writing this here to ask, if anyone noticed any drop in FPS in rFactor 2 the last week.
I have been racing a lot in AC,(everything is stable with same FPS) and when i switched over to rF2 this weekend, without touching the video settings, i noticed quite a hit on my performance. 10 days ago last time i played, it was going consistently over 70fps with other cars and now it isn't.

Windows 10 got an update recently i don't if this could be related or not.

My PC specs are : Intel I7 6850K; Asus Rampage V, 16Gb RAM @2400mhz, 480SSD, GTX980 ti and triples 24" @1080p


Jun 17, 2011
As above there have not been any updates to RF2 recently, Windows 10 update could've potentially caused a drop but it's unlikely, what's more likely is a GPU Driver update perhaps or maybe you're running more processes in the background without realising.

To be safe;
- Check your Windows 10 Drivers are all up to date
- Check you have the latest GPU Drivers
- Verify RF2 Files in Steam
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