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rFactor 2 paid content

So i've recently bought rf2 again after completely removing it from steam a few months ago (not only uninstall, i know a stupid move...) Anyway every content I was subscribed to downloaded just fine and is working in game without any issues. The problem is I can't remember having two version of the same car or tracks on the content box in the launcher. And I have 2 version for every paid track and car of rf2 (GTE pack, both gt3 packs, sebring and hong-kong track and formula-e 2018)
In game the latest version of the items is listed and doesn't seem to be an issue, but I would like to get rid of it incase I have any mismatch or others small issues.Here is a screenshot to summarise what I mean: Look for GT3 and GTE cars
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Edit: After going into inventory and workshop files, I believe that the paid contents are splited in two parts (when I compare them to free content, the files are smaller, but when I add them up, it's about the same amount of mb as others cars) Can someone confirm this?
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Marcel Offermans

Studio 397
I can confirm that paid cars and paid tracks always come in the form of a base component with version N and an upgrade component with version N+1, so for example Nurburgring 1.04 and Nurburgring 1.05. So it sounds like everything installed just fine and there's nothing to "clean up".