rFactor 2 Open Beta (pre-release discussion)

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This MUST be a sign of rFactor 2's Open Beta being released soon. ISI has released a guide about installing rFactor 2 here. The guide includes information on installing the sim, purchasing, running the sim, updating, installing mods and more. What do you guys make of this information?

Under the section about installation, the guide says that there will be two installation directories - one for "core" files and one for "data" files. It appears that the data files are for mods according to the mod installation section, the default directory for the data files is under "My Documents". Personally, I would rather install both the core and the data files under my "C:\GAMES" directory (perhaps "C:\GAMES\rFactor_2\Core" and "C:\GAMES\rFactor_2\Data"), seeing as all of my other games are under that directory so I always go there to install mods. Do you guys think that there are any reasons I should or shouldn't do this?

P.S. The guide mentions "coupons" under purchasing - I assume that this is what the winner of the giveaway will get...

EDIT: I tried to post this earlier, but for some reason it didn't "stay". I assume that this problem was on my end...

Marco Bijl

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I think it's just to keep the "core" content seperated from the "mod" content. As I see it now, there is nothing that holds you back to install either one in a non-default directory.

James Chant

EDIT: I tried to post this earlier, but for some reason it didn't "stay". I assume that this problem was on my end...
Was merged into beta topic, as will this. People keep repeating stuff in new threads, let's keep the forum tidy.

And for the record, ISI said it wasn't publicly released, so somebody found it / it was leaked.

Bram Hengeveld

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Lol wishful thinking G :) I cleaned up the forum a bit and posted all pre-release info in this thread. We can start a new one once the beta opens.

Erik Hafner

dont know if it is the right thread, but do somebody know if rf2 will support more input devices than rfactor?
yesterday i get my new fanatec csp and together with a g27, a thrustmaster shifter, a keyboard and a modded microsoft joystick (handbrake) i cant use the pedals..:(
if i disconnect one of the other inputs all works fine.


Brian Clancy

An interesting little snippet from Scott on the ISI Beta forum...... very nice:

The tire model isn't completely finished yet, so currently you can abuse the tires more than you should. However, I would get in the practice of trying to drive consistently now so that when it IS finished you won't burn them to a crisp. This same applies to wet tires. That said, if you abuse the tires too much you will feel a difference, just not the full affect yet.

You can run hot from following directly behind someone for too long. So yes, in longer races you need to step out a bit to get some clean air...

Hubba Hubba :D
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