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rFactor 2 | New York E-Prix Track Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Studio 397 have been hard at work on producing new Formula E content, with the New York E-Prix venue becoming the latest street circuit to be added to the simulation.

Hot on the heals of the recent Berlin DLC release, and joining the already available Hong Kong and Monaco E-Prix layouts (alongside the fantasy Electric Docks venue), New York is the latest inclusion to the growing list of official Formula E related content within the simulation.

Available to purchase from the rFactor 2 Steam Store for around £7, and comes complete in the 2018/19 layout of the US round of the Formula E season.

If Formula E isn't your thing, the Studio 397 still have you covered by also releasing their first major build update of the 2020 Zandvoort layout within the simulation. Initially coming to rF2 as very much an early work-in-progress piece of content, the developers have spent further development time bringing the content up to the latest standards - details of which can be found towards the end of the announcement post below.

From the announcement post:

We’re proud to once again bring you great AAA Formula E content. Straight off the release of Berlin, released just last week, we’re on a roll so… no sleep til Brooklyn!

Formula E rF2 2.jpg

As a city and as an idea, New York conjures up so many cliches: it’s endlessly diverse, frantic and always on the move. New York is the hyper active soul of America – to put it another way…it’s full of “energy”! The Formula E-Prix taps into this spirit where New York becomes not just back drop but a unique place to host world class high level racing, for that reason this ePrix easily classifies as one of the most iconic stops on the road to the championship. Red Hook at the Brooklyn Harbor hosted the double-header championship finale of the ABB FIA Formula E Season 2017/18 as well as 2018/19. New York as a racing circuit is much like surviving in the city, keep your head down stay on your toes, blind turns come off high speed and will catch you out quicker than you realize if your line is off by even a little.

Formula E rF2 3.jpg

As always we’ve gone to great lengths to capture the atmosphere accurately in rFactor 2. Everything from the precise terrain coloration and wear, to the objects and buildings (even the very far off ones!) are placed exactly as they are in real life – you can even see all the way out to New Jersey! Take on the challenge, 2.32 km of pure street racing, while enjoying a unique view of yes, the Statue of Liberty. Welcome to New York!

Formula E rF2 4.jpg

Zandvoort 2020 Update
At the start of the month, we introduced the new Zandvoort to you, still a preview at the time as, like the real track, some things were still under construction. In the past couple of weeks you’ve been providing us with a lot of feedback, as did some racing driver that were the first to drive some laps on the new track. All of this lead to the update we are releasing today, fixing several bugs and polishing a lot of details on and around the track.

Zandvoort 1.jpg

The track itself was slightly adjusted in several places. We lowered the bump just after turn 3, changing the entry towards turn 4. We also changed the paddock layout and added garage positions for up to 45 cars. Around the track we installed the latest Tec-Pro and safer barriers and we fixed a few small holes and other anomalities in the mesh. We also ensured that even cars with very low ground-clearance no longer collide with some of the curbs along the track.

Zandvoort 2.jpg

Brand new AI was added. They perform a lot better now, and we added track marshals and officials around the whole track. Several new objects were added in the areas surrounding the track and we added the night lights so you can also race the track in the dark. Finally we fixed some objects that were floating above the terrain and we did another pass to tweak draw distances of objects for better overall performance.

Zandvoort 3.jpg

While the 2020 grand prix has officially been cancelled, we will keep updating the track in the following year as construction proceeds. In the mean time, this version should give everybody a good impression of the track as it is now. Enjoy the races! And talk to you soon!

Original Source: Studio 397

rFactor 2 is available exclusively on PC.

Want to know how to get the best from the sim? Start a thread in the rFactor 2 sub forum and let our community offer you the benefit of their massive combined experience.

Formula E rF2 5.jpg
When S397 announced they're going to release some new tracks, I was hoping for tracks like Monza or Spa maybe. New York and Berlin are fine (I won't buy them now but maybe in some discount pack) but I was hoping to get more of the world known tracks because not everyone likes Formula E and tracks like Monza could get some new people to rFactor 2.
Monza and Spa are also in my list of favorite tracks, but we have them already in other sims in a official version. I think these Formula E tracks are a nice addition to rFactor 2, not only to race on with a Formula E car, but also with other cars. I tried a few races on Berlin with a Tatuus and the BMW M2 CS and that worked great. Coming back to Spa and Monza, they are available as a mod in rFactor 2. Maybe not Studio 397 quality, but more than good enough to enjoy them in rFactor 2 as well in my opinion.

Isaac Chavira

Livery Designer
Technically this is not possible yet I assume, since it needs short straights and slow corners to recharge the battery. I consider Formula E a completely different sport and it can be fun and exciting to watch. I don’t want it to be like for example F1, because then the future of F1 may be at more risk then it already is at the moment. Also, some innovations like ‘fan boost’ I do not like. It should be about driver skills and not about social media popularity of a driver.

I raced them at Zandvoort and got 19 laps out of the car with the 200kw torque setting. I was only 2 seconds shy of my 1:39.348 I got with the Aston AMR GT3. If they would allow hot swaps again you could have a full hour of racing. I think Monza, Portimao, Laguna Seca, Miller Motorsport Park, Imola, Nurburgring GP short and Lime Rock would work great.
Maybe some dont like these tracks or series, but I like them - and they are not micky mouse tracks. Between these 2 new ePrix tracks and quite a few available in the Workshop on STEAM(which I have quite allot of them now), makes a good collection of tracks to run a series. Tracks work well with other small cars, not just ePrix cars.
Great news. I had not expected when the first cars and track were released to get so many official track releases to go with the mods. I enjoy the quirky street tracks including the Monaco variation down the side street - recreates the feeling I had watching the real race on TV the first time - where the F are they going?!?

Re the Halo, I find that the only way to go is VR and while I don't use it all the time while racing, it feels appropriate with the future-leaning Formula E series.
While I applaud S397 for continuing to update the software, the sheer difficulty in joining anything except league or 'arranged' MP races is a bit disappointing.
I hardly ever launch RF2 anymore because it is exceptionally difficult to join any servers at a moment's notice.
They really, really need to focus on addressing and fixing that issue.
A new UI, new cars, new tracks, new features, etc....don't matter to most, if they cannot race against human opponents.
I've come to the conclusion it is time...for me anyway....to stop buying content for this title.
What the hell is the point, if all I can ever do with it is race against AI or hot-lap?
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The recent Formula e circuits look fantastic in VR but from a driving/racing perspective are bland and uninspiring. These circuits are designed to be narrow and short so that formula e cars look faster and more exciting than they really are.
Having said that, have enjoyed the skip barbers and clio cup cars on the formula e circuits but personally would much rather have proper laser scanned f1/gt circuits like Spa, Hockenheim, Mugello, Fuji, Shanghai etc