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rFactor 2 | New Ferrari GTE and GT3 Update Available

A new update for the Ferrari 488 GT3 and GTE cars within rFactor 2 has been released.

Deployed today and available the next time the player restarts their Steam client, the two new content updates for rFactor 2 brings a small selection of changes and improvements to both machines.

The larger of the two hotfix updates focusses on the recently released Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020 car, which came out as a standalone DLC for the simulation back on Wednesday last week.

Ferrari 488 GT3 v1.21
  • Fix for wrong pit stop strategy, fuel tank capacity, and fuel consumption
  • Adjusted ambient occlusion in cockpit
  • Re-introduced brake bias read out to in-car dash
  • Fixed wiper animation on triples side screen (multiview only)
  • Showroom shadow fix
  • AI pace slightly reduced
  • Fixed rear window rain effect
  • Fixed missing Upgrades.ini in .mas file
Ferrari 488 GTE v1.73
  • Fixed wiper animation on triples side screen (multiview only)
  • Adjusted ambient occlusion in cockpit

Both updates are available to download now.

rFactor 2 is available now exclusively on PC.

Want to know how to get the best from the simulation? Head over to the RaceDepartment rF2 sub forum and open up a new thread today - let our epic community be your guide!

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Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
Staff member
Sep 29, 2009
And surprise-surprise! The rF2 club is on the ball with some GT3-Sprint action on Friday! Perfect chance to test the new Ferrari in a two-race evening at Portland!



Dec 29, 2018
If you don't have a GT3, you have failed your simulation. It's the fashion^^.

It's like Far Cry with all the games afterwards that exploited the beaches with more or less success.

Maybe one day we'll come back to steam car games.
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AU Racing Club Staff
Staff member
Aug 27, 2017
The aussie RF2 club is also putting together a Bentley vs Ferrari GT3 battle at Road America on Sunday. Come test these beasts, all premium members welcome.



Jun 4, 2017
Audi tires design fits right in to this topic. To me they look awesome.
Fine for an initial release, but painters are trying to create cars that match the originals. You may have noticed that very few(yes very very few if any) Audi competitors race at Nords or IMSA or WEC with those promo skined tires.


Jun 26, 2011
Do the cars come with reasonable liveries? Not blank cars or numbered cars only, like the Bentley.
For the GTE they added all the liveries that were used in the Virtual 24 hours of Le Mans a while back. Also for all the other GTE and LMP2 cars.
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