rFactor 2 missing track maps, names, etc.

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    Let me start by saying that I appreciate immensely the work of the modders and the last thing I really want to do is criticize them.

    At the same time, especially in rF2 Tracks lately there have been a lot of tracks that are definitely sub-par. Donnington for instance comes to mind. I love Donnington, but this version is really very poor and it has remained such for a long time now.

    However, the real reason I am posting about this is not just about poorly made or "alpha" tracks., but the fact that even some of the better tracks out there are often missing a track map and at time even a name, aside the one on the list.

    For instance, one of the tracks currently available (2 of them in fact if memory serves) once clicked on the name and chosen result as being "Joesville" and even share the track map with it.

    Others are just missing the map altogether, others have some low quality screenshot and so on.

    Now, I realize this is hard work, but I for one I would really appreciate it if at ,least the name and the track map was present with these tracks.

    I would be more than thrilled to help any modder by creating a track map and a splash screen.

    I think I speak for other members here when I say that any modder needing something along those lines is free to post it here and ask for volunteers.

    Another nice thing to have would be a contact email or a URL, so that if a project is abandoned someone else can ask permission to continue it (or as in my case, permission to create the missing screens)

    Maybe it only bugs me, in that case I apologize, but I really would love to get these little things taken care of.
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