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rFactor 2 | February Development Roadmap

That didn't take long - 2nd post and somebody can't wait to tell everybody that they don't have rF2 on their HD. What does this have to do with the roadmap?

Sounds like you've been unlucky, in that you weren't able to get rF2 working to your satisfaction. That's a shame, but this is not the place to air you grievance. Please find a relevant thread or start a shiny new one, but please don't post off topic on RD threads. Others will read the title and come to this thread to read about the roadmap. If they wanted to hear about your difficulties (and perhaps even offer to help) they would visit the new thread that you haven't yet started.

I'm gonna stick my neck out and make a prediction. You won't make that thread, because you'd prefer to come here and post off topic in the 2nd post of a front page article. Prove me wrong, please start a thread about the things people would like to see fixed in rF2.

EDIT: :ninja:'d sorry Kenny

Great to hear that S397 are planning to fix lots of bugs. Many people, including myself, have been disappointed at the apparent complete lack of interest in this from them over the years. I think the few bug fixes in recent months are a welcome start. Let's hope they've turned over a new leaf. I haven't tried the Release Candidate, but I look forward to the proposed fixes making it to the main branch. Long may this continue.

Credit where it's due - WD S397. :)
Thanks for the advice officer. now I’m about to report over 65K posts like this in RD. Please take care of them individually.
Lovely nice long read that, very good that things are moving swiftly in the "fixer upper" areas, just hope pace picks up for the <cough AI issues </cough> ;). Unsure what the new track might be, hopefully not another well known "it's in every other Sim and iconic" nonsense but a track that is actually lesser known.

I like Roadmaps with more detail, Asobo release Weekly "Blogs" for MSF2020 and they're dreadful...utterly dreadful, so it's refreshing to read much more from Developers that have a clue on what they're actually doing like S397 & Reiza for example.

rf2 is two years away from being two years away.

this is endless circle of

more dlc

still not fixing core game issues

Did you actually bother to read the Article? It's all about fixing core issues of which the public have been crying out for for years and how they're going to go about it, less moaning more reading!

Dady Cairo

I must be clueless. I don't understand when people say, " I deleted it from my HD". Uh............... are people running 40mb hard drives? I have every F1 20xx version, RF2, ACC, AC, PC2 and AMS2 on one drive. I have never deleted anything. I have a 1tb SSD that is for nothing but games. Maybe I have been fortunate enough that I have had to delete stuff to make room on a drive.

Fore sure,not because of insufficient disk space!:D
Let actually react to the roadmap (instead of the usual wahwahwah stuff that is very understandable frankly).

"The message centre now consistently shows the same naming and numbering for values as the garage when changing settings such as ABS and TC while driving."

I have never understood TC and ABS in rf2. In the competition servers its important to get that right because they force off the "general TC/ABS" assist so your tires will die if you dont have loadcell brake. And then i noticed that the default TC and ABS for GT3 were set to 10 and 1 or something. There is some button you can map to modify it which is confusingly named. So what do people run for this?
With all of these roadmaps a lot of the reaction is going to depend on whether what gets mentioned are the things you were individually interested in. None of the things that particularly bug me about RF2 are directly mentioned in the roadmap but it at least gives me hope that they are continuing to work on it. With anything this complex you may well find that a seemingly unrelated fix has a positive effect on one of the areas that do annoy you. I think when you see something with a lot of potential you easily get hacked off when it takes a long time to realise it.
I really appreciate the formula E contend... a proper sim implementation of the series, something that's not present in the F1 series.

More DLC?, keep them coming reasonable priced and I'll keep buying and supporting the sim.

And lastly is nice that S397 have in the outlook fixing the physics of the game; and working from the ground up to address those issues.

Any news regarding oval racing?, I hope S397 revisit this racing format sometime in the near future, drop a few LS tracks and add some additional contend for it, as racing rules... also some dirt driving... and basic rally stage handling... one could only dream :D.
So, still no improvement regarding load times on the Roadmap

long load times needn't be an issue if you use the opportunity to take up a sub-hobby. I knocked up a lovely pineapple & ginger pavlova the other day while waiting for Nords to load.

Why not try your hand at raffia basket weaving or fermenting your own post-race celebratory champagne. You'll have time...:whistling:

Great er...roadthingy btw.
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Pro Tip: Everybody should be on the Release Candidate channel unless you're worried about multiplayer breakage. Otherwise you'll be waiting weeks for the last actual update.

To me, Release Candidate is actually what a real beta is and you should be updating a quality assurance tests as you run into problems so that increasingly the right problems are caught in development before the actual release.

Jan Larsen

The FE stuff I dont really care about, it gets a lot of attention and recognizion, but its just for a diehard petrolhead like me. I've tried the cars, they drive well, but that electric 'hum' is quite annoying after a short while.
The GT3 bop change, including the tire physic changes, has resulted in some rather interesting twists. The Corvette is still the easiest car to drive, but its not the fastest anymore. All cars are fairly easy to drive now which should make for a more diverse field.