rFactor 2 demo won't open

Mar 21, 2014
Hey guys,
When I introduced myself in the Introduction section, I asked about Aussie V8 Supercar games and someone suggested a mod for rfactor2.
I thought I would give rfactor2 a try and downloaded the demo. The graphics looked really bad so I uninstalled it.
Then I saw some screen shots of the game and thought, well....maybe the graphics need to be turned up (I have 2 HD6970's in crossfire) and play in Eyefinity.
So I re-installed the demo.
double clicked the icon. - nothing.
Tried running it as administrator - nothing.
uninstalled it.
re-installed as administrator
double clicked the icon - run as administrator - nothing.
Any ideas?
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Jan 7, 2013
It's a rare bug, but it happens sometimes.

If you open your windows task manager, it's possible you'll see a "rFactor Launcher.exe" running in the back ground preventing you from opening rF2. Terminate that process in windows task manager or just reboot your PC.

Good luck and have fun.
Jan 7, 2013
It's also possible that rF2 icon isn't linked to the correct rFactor2 Launcher.exe

Try to locate the "Launch rFactor.exe" file and start it from there.
It should be in your ...../rFactor2/Launcher folder.
Mar 21, 2014
I cleaned my registry, re-downloaded the demo and it installed and I "think" it worked? Not sure. It installed fine. Double clicked icon, I saw a window open (but empty) and then the game disabled 2 of my monitors and I never saw anything else. I'm guessing it opened on one of the monitors that was disabled.

These problems just to play a demo? I could just imagine the bugs in the full version.

Between the screenshots of the 80's IMSA carset and the Australian V8 supercars, i wanted to give this a go.

But for $85.00 and so far "No install and play" I think i'll pass.

John-Eric Saxén

Jan 31, 2010
Try running in windowed mode and different resolutions / Hz settings from launcher video settings. rF2 is generally stable software used by hundreds of my league racers without large issues.
Mar 21, 2014
okay - I guess 3rd time's the charm.

Thought you might find this comical.
https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=Myq8CtXL1-Y&feature=youtu.be
make sure to remove the space after "www." I put in the link. Otherwise, the video shows up in this chat and that is against the rules, I believe.

Sorry the information at the end of the video was incorrect.
This video was taken while in windowed mode and using 1 video card with the graphics settings maxed out. Which explains the video freezing/lag/stutter whatever you call it.

Later, I changed to fullscreen mode and was able to use both video cards in crossfire.
But they were both running at 100%. Video stutter/freezing stopped.

I did have a few bugs pop up, but they went away after I restarted the game.
1) The audio (engine) sounded like computer generated noise initially.
2) I had alot of jagged edges in the game play video, but I think 1 of my video cards is not working properly. It doesn't seem to show up in the recorded video though.

I thought it would be difficult to learn a new driving model. But rFactor 2 feels really good.