rFactor 2 can't purchase & rFactor 1 can't activate!

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Howard, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Howard

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    Firstly; I can't seem to activate rFactor 1. I put in my key, and email address, and it simply says "Waiting for response", and then "Could not connect to server. Please try again"

    Secondly; I can't seem to buy rFactor 2. I have downloaded the launcher from ISI. When I run it, I click to the "Purchase" tab, and it says "Starting secure connection with commerce servers." The launcher just hangs on this.

    I'd really appreciate any help on these two issues!

  2. Ian Franssen

    Ian Franssen

    I first thought it was their server but when I press purchase tab it does show the correct field after "Starting secure connection with commerce servers.".
    Hopefully someone else can be of any help for you. good luck:thumbsup:
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  3. privatebrian


    Hi Howard

    I may have or may not have a solution to your problem, well concerning rF2.

    So here goes way back in Jan 2012 i to had the same problem as you, now the solution for me was to simply to enable my network adapter in the PC Bios and install the drivers (LAN was disabled because i was using a mobile broadband dongle so i did not use the ethernet at the rear of the PC), but for some strange reason to be able to purchase and play rF2 i had to do this, now i don't how you have got your network setup, but if your network adapter is disabled that could be your problem.

    Regards Brian
  4. Marco Bijl

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    What you have (most likely) is a port issue. You are blocked in connection in some sort of way.

    As both actions to connect to secure servers fail, I suspect it has something to do with HTTPS or SSL traffic which is being blocked somewhere.

    Check your firewall and router.