rF2 Unplayable - need help!


I need a bit of help please.

I recently installed a GTX 980Ti SC GPU and other titles are working fine but, rF2 is a complete slideshow - FPS? Uh - no, more like seconds per frame.

rF2 worked fine prior to this GPU but, one unusual thing is that I ran my second monitor off of the on-board GPU until I could get a DVI to Display Port adapter. The mobo GPU is now disabled in the BIOS but, I wonder if there may be something still affecting rF2 somehow.

Here's what I've tried so far to resolve it:
  • Cleaned out Config, Cbash, etc. - no change
  • Tried different video driver - no change
  • Default settings in Nvidia CP - no change
  • Remove un-related USB devices - no change
  • Update and reset System Bios - no change
  • Disable second audio device for use with Simvibe - no change

Next up - uninstall rF2 and try fresh

Update: The fresh install seems to have done the trick based on a quick test - back in business.

Any of you rF2 Gurus have other suggestions if the clean install doesn't work?
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