RF2 Trans AM?


Jun 4, 2017
Mustangs, Javelins, Cougars, Camaros, Challenger & Barracudas? WHY NOT historical TRANS AM? :)
(sorry for stealing the thread, but as Highbank stated, I don't think there are any trans am mods for rF2)
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Jun 6, 2009
Are there Trans Am Series Cars available for Rfactor2? Not the Historic ones.
The current Trans Am series? With TA1, TA2, TA3, & TA4? Nope. No sims have that and likely none ever will due to the quantity of manufacturer licenses and the amount of physics data required. I still wonder why SCCA chose this route as it really splits up the available driver pool.

On the other hand, if you mean the '80s-'90s Trans Am series, then there's a chance someone will make a mod for it, but it will be lacking tracks because of the quantity of street circuits that were used in that period.

No one seems to have much love for the later '70s Trans Am series. We see individual cars occasionally produced, but not the series.

Then there's the '60s Trans Am series that ended in '72...
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May 8, 2019
Interesting that current Trans Am would appear as a discussion topic on RD. I do not believe T/A sanctioned by SCCA any longer but, rather, the Trans Am Race Company which is part of SVRA. For 2020 the series has been expanded to include five classes with differing designations TA, TA2, GT, SGT, and XGT. The various GT classes allow older racecars including GT3 cars to have a sanction in which to run. The races are time limited with no fuel stops permitted. I think that the people running could stand to make a few $ from a video game as I would be first in line with cash in hand to enjoy this kind of variety going wheel to wheel.
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