rF2: Reiza Pack DLC Previews and Pricing Confirmed

Reiza Studios have confirmed the pricing of the upcoming Reiza DLC for rFactor 2, and to celebrate, we go for a quick spin in the new content...

Having been on the receiving end of several delays since first the first announcement during mid 2018, the eagerly anticipated Reiza Pack DLC for rFactor 2 is almost upon us, and now we finally know how much it is set to cost..

Containing no less than six cars and four circuits, namely the Metalmoro AJR and Metalmoro MR18 prototypes, the MCR Sports 2000 open cockpit sportscar, the small but mighty Formula Vee and both modern and historic Puma P052 and Puma GTE cars, plus the Virginia International Raceway, Ibarra, Guapore and Imola circuits, the upcoming DLC is a first foray into the world of content creation for rFactor 2 by Reiza Studios, and as such appears to be highly anticipated by sim racing fans.

Backers of the Reiza SimRacing Bonanza crowdfunding campaign as well as those who acquired membership packs through the Reiza forum will receive the new DLC at no additional charge once it releases in the very near future, and for those of us not involved in either pack, pricing has now been confirmed to me by Renato Simioni as follows:

  • Full DLC -19.99 Euro
  • Track Pack - 14.99 Euro
  • Car Pack - 9.99 Euro

Additionally, individual tracks can be purchased for 6.99 euros, and individual cars for 2.99 euros.

Although still currently at Beta status, I've been lucky enough to gain access to the new content, and as such a very short preview video can be see at the top of this article. Watch out for more detailed videos to drop on our Twitch and YouTube channels in the coming days... Oh and remember, the footage you see is beta, so could well be subject to change before full public release...

rFactor 2 is a PC exclusive racing sim from Studio 397 - Available now.

rF2 Reiza DLC.jpg

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Feb 21, 2015
NOICE! Date?

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Jun 18, 2013
Most of the money goes to Reiza and S397 (and maybe pays for licencing)?
I've had so much enjoyment from the software that these guys have produced. I'm more than happy to support them. :thumbsup:
Seems like the wait is almost over. :D

Óscar Melero

May 7, 2014
They gonna do it...mark my words, they're gonna do it...Raceroom Group C and the Porsche and the Reiza rF2 DLC will both release if not on the same day, then like day or two apart...

A bit of competizione is good for us, the customers. I hope it is a tight release to see what happens...

Tar Heel

Sep 15, 2016
Really looking forward to this DLC dropping. Now the real question is are there any modders that can hook me up with position panels on the AJR, MR18, and MCR?! :D


Apr 25, 2013
The pricing is also a product of this being already existing content converted to rF2, rather than new laser scanned tracks...


Jul 24, 2013
Looks and sounds great. Can't wait. GSC/AMS has given me the most enjoyment and now rF2 has that mantle bringing this content from AMS, particularly the F-Vee, is perfect. The F-Vee was the first really tricky car I worked hard at driving properly.
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