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rF2 | Radical SR3 XX Released

Studio 397 have been incredibly busy of late, having today confirmed their third piece of content for the simulation in quick succession.

The brand new Radical SR3 XX joins the recently released New York E-Prix and Ferrari 488 GTE within the simulation, and is available to purchase with immediate effect from the rF2 Steam Store, for around £4.50.

From the release post:

There’s been a lot of announcements and fresh new content to play with lately, but we’re far from finished. Today it is time to introduce you to a truly unique choice for race drivers, combining everything you want in a race car. Fast, lightweight, nimble and with the looks to ensure that you won’t go unnoticed on any server.

Our world is an evolving and developing place. Motorsport is continuously moving forward. So is sim racing and technology in general. To be a front runner, you have to always stay on top of this movement. Being up the front is exactly where the new Radical SR3 XX belongs. It’s not just a faster but also a smarter car! So we are proud to collaborate with Radical Sportscars on its launch. You can read all about it on their website: the world’s best selling race car just got smarter!

rF2 Radical 1.jpg
rF2 Radical 2.jpg
rF2 Radical 3.jpg

The SR3 XX is the evolution of the best-selling race car in the world, the SR3 which was first introduced in 2001. While the styling mostly remained untouched with just a few key elements setting the XX apart from its predecessor, underneath it’s an all new track weapon.

Radical knows that not just the car needs to evolve to be quicker, but that also drivers need the best tools to move forward and develop themselves. That’s the reason for all the new bits and pieces mainly by provided by AiM. The first thing noticed by drivers as most prominent change is probably the new steering wheel. A brand new Formula style steering wheel, fully packed with technology normally only found in high-level single-seaters and Le Mans Prototypes. Functioning basically as the HUB, the new AiM steering wheel now gives the driver access to all kind of new functionalities to access, evaluate and analyze data, helping to improve on track.

The fresh SR3 XX is still powered by the 4th Gen RPE-Suzuki engine including a dry sump oil system as standard. The power plant is hooked up to a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift and auto-blip function, a Quaife limited-slip differential taking care of getting enough traction out of the corner.

With only 620 kg total weight, the Radical SR3 XX is the perfect tool to carve your way through all kind of combinations of corners.

You can buy the car now in our Steam Store! We will be hosting a launch event later today, details of which are towards the bottom of the announcement on Radical’s site.

Original Source: Studio 397

rFactor 2 is available exclusively on PC.

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Jun 17, 2011
I love the Radicals, great fun cars to drive, can be twitchy in the heat of battle three wide at Guapore against the AI which gets the hairs standing up on the back of the neck!

Another very welcomed car for me and yet again for just the price of a draught pub beer (not talking 6 cans from the offy!), Thanks AGAIN S397
Last edited:


Apr 27, 2013
Another amazing piece of content. Drives, sounds and looks great! Well worth supporting s397 in light of recent advancements they made. Both 488 gte and lighting updates were awesome.
Yeah really coming along nicely recently,
Still feel needs a lot more scanned tracks to make it a contender.
Aug 19, 2017
Why don't S397 maybe fix the abhorrent models for the Aston GT3, Merc GT3 and BMW M8, fix the many issues of the Ferrari 488 GTE, implement certain features like hybrid systems that most other sims have and have a way of buying DLC that isn't unnecessarily complex and with wildly inconsistent prices that never decrease ever. Studio 397 are basically going for quantity over quality and it's really disappointing as someone who actually enjoys this sim but doesn't play it much due to these issues.


Jun 17, 2014
Yeah really coming along nicely recently,
Still feel needs a lot more scanned tracks to make it a contender.
Yeah that's my thought too. These cars are nice additions and all but a proper spa / donington park / road atlanta / brands hatch / road america would be much more welcome. Especially spa.

Also, i couldn't replicate the triangle. :unsure:


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