rF2: Palatov D4 - Update 1.38 released

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The rFactor 2 third party licensed and produced Palatov D4 has been updated to version 1.38 and is available to download on the Image Space Incorporated's official rFactor 2 site now.

Available in 3 different variations, ranging from the 170hp 400kg Trackday specification all the way upto the monsterous 350hp, 425kg AWD Hillclimb. The Palatov D4 was created with the sole purpose of cramming as much performance into the lightest chassis possible whilst still maintaining high levels of driver safety.

Despite the light weight and small size, the D4 is designed to share the track with much larger cars, and is overbuilt for a car of its weight class.


The D4 is an evolution of the Palatov Motorsport modular platform. It follows the design of the first prototype Palatov DP1, and shares most components with the more powerful Palatov D1. A version of this design was entered in the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb and took first place in the Unlimited class, with David Donner at the wheel. A replica of the 2012 PPIHC livery is included with the rFactor 2 version.

Details of the changelog can be found below:
  • recalculated talents’ performances
  • repositioned fictional rainlight
  • new shader/values/textures for floors for better view at night if lighted by headlights of followers
  • added personalized pit crew guys and pit-exit guy (by Chris “redapg”)
  • remade all icons of all vehicles
  • repainted all skins made by Juergen in version 1.0, with new official “replica” and “ORP” ones
  • optimization of headlights values also due to the build 998
  • optimization of all gmts for night view
  • optimization of shader’s values for reartrain
  • update talent and driver names
  • set same value of BrakeDuctSetting for all classes
  • new rear 3d suspensions, gearbox and other mechanical parts to update the D4 to the latest 2015 real car version (by Chris “redapg”)
  • added the new “open” rear by default into the upgrade options to let also the previous version available
  • added trackmap into the dashboard (cockpit): if map is not available appears the Palatov logo
  • added filler-cap to the body
  • optimization of shadows
  • optimization of all shaders and values for several parts
  • few new textures
  • new planes and textures for (under/tire)shadows
  • 3d remake of main and minor parts of the whole mod for improving SP and MP performances and for a better graphical quality (by Chris “redapg”)
  • added “fake” nightlight to the dashes from external/swingman cam view
  • recalculated TGM “GrooveEffects” and added new “GrooveSqrdEffect” for each compound
  • graphic improvements to the dashes
  • added nightlight to the dash 2015 model, added also the choice for the color (upgrade)
  • switched the dash 2015 by default
  • added nightlight to the “old” dash (due to rF2 limitations, to see the nightlight on, you need to insert a gear)
  • added working powerswitch (needs to set “ignition” key)
  • added new working lightswitch (also out of cockpitview)
  • added working mirrors out of cockpitview (it works depending of track reflections)
  • remeshed body just over the cockpit for better look
  • few little improvements to the cockpit 3d
  • new rivets, new hi res steering wheel bolts
  • fixed missing driver name into VEH vs RCD
  • changed default values of tire set for HC into HDV file and deleted the lines to change tire set into the upgrades files of Custom and Hillclimb classes
  • new order for Classes into the UI: 1. Trackday MP, 2. Trackday, 3. HC, 4. Custom hoping people
  • will use TDSE at first…
  • changed CGHeight= from 0.250 to 0.260 for HC and Custom equipped by HC rollcage
  • added missed “rlframe” to the Custom spinner.gen
  • added changes GeneralTorqueMult*= to Custom and UPGRADE for Custom.
  • GeneralTorqueMult*=0.96 vs 0.98 for normal aspirated engine due to the new value assigned to the ClutchFriction, for fixing max speed
  • new turbo1 and 2 engines for fixing rpm idle issue, if auto clutch off new ClutchFriction value in all 3 hdv files for decreasing the rpm difference if auto clutch is on or off
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