rF2: Enduracers Endurance Series Updated - New Cars, Plenty of Improvements

Paul Jeffrey

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EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 7.jpg

The excellent Endurance Series mod by EnduRacers and the Gentlemen Modding team has been updated - with new content added!

The mod of choice in our recent RDLMS by Vesaro series, rFactor 2 content is in a better place these past few days thanks to a substantial new build release of the EnduRacers Endurance Series mod.

As well as adding an impressive list of fixes and improvements, not least of which is the implementation of the new rFactor 2 tyre model, the mod also benefits from quite a bit of new content in the form of the beautiful Ligier JSP3 LMP3 car (nice playmate for the recently announced Norma LMP3..?) and some great looking GTE specification machines alongside the classic Oreca 05 LMP2 open cockpit prototype.

It is worth noting that the Corvette C7R replaces the original C6R, the Ferrari F458 replaces the F430 and the Flat6 RSR Evo replaces the Flat6 RSR. The Oreca 05 LMP2 comes in place of the Lola Coupe and the Ligier LMP3 is a totally new class of car.

Available at no cost to the user, the version 2 build release of the Endurance Series modification can be found at the EnduRacers website HERE.

Endurance Series 2.00 Change Log:
  • CONTENT : Added Oreca 05 LMP2.
  • CONTENT : Added Ligier JSP3 LMP3.
  • CONTENT : Added Corvette C7.R GTE.
  • CONTENT : Added Ferrari F458 GTE.
  • CONTENT : Added Flat6 RSR Evo GTE.
  • GRAPHICS : Updated bodywork shader to DX11 technology.
  • GRAPHICS : Updated cockpits and steering wheel shaders.
  • GRAPHICS : Added rain rendering technology for bodywork.
  • GRAPHICS : Added rain rendering technology for windshield and windows.
  • GRAPHICS : Added animated wiper.
  • GRAPHICS : Added blurred rims (for all types).
  • GRAPHICS : Added new menu icons for all cars.
  • PHYSICS : Integration of CPM2 tires (Slick & Rain, around 90°C usage temperature for Slicks) adapted from S397 reference tires.
  • PHYSICS : Inertia adjusted (based on inertia used by S397).
  • PHYSICS : Suspension geometry adjusted (to fix the FFB blank in the center of the steering wheel).
  • PHYSICS : Aero minor adjustments.
  • PHYSICS : Brakes power/settings adjusted (now you can adjust brake pressure like S397 cars).
  • PHYSICS : Steering ratio adjusted (done like S397 cars).
  • PHYSICS : Antiroll bars value adjusted (to be aligned to the rFactor2 S397 physics directives).
  • PHYSICS : FFB power adjusted (FFB Upgrades removed, use FFB Multiplier in-game to adjust if needed).
  • PHYSICS : Fuel Tank position adjusted (to match to *ForceDistrib S397 mechanisms).
  • PHYSICS : Tire wear curves adjusted.
  • PHYSICS : Default setup adjusted.
  • PHYSICS : AI performance adjusted.
  • PHYSICS : Cockpit position adjusted (compliant with flat screen & VR).
  • PHYSICS : Seat front maximum position value adjusted for triple screens users.
  • PHYSICS : Upgrade auto blip removed on the Flat6 GT3 (the real car don’t have auto blip).
EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 1.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 2.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 3.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 4.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 5.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 6.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 7.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 8.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 10.jpg EnduRacers Endurance Series 2.00 - 9.jpg

rFactor 2 is available exclusively for PC from Steam now.

Check out the rFactor 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment for all the latest news and discussion with regards to the simulation. You can take part in lively debates with fellow rFactor 2 fans and take part in some great Club and League racing events..! Head over to the forum now!

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Have you tried the new Enduracers Endurance Series build? What are your impressions? Do you like the new cars and physics? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Deleted member 113561

  • Deleted member 113561

You know they work together now?
Corvette is from URD (as example but some other models too) and they developed physics together...
Doesn't change the fact the URD cars available to buy on their website are **** and not worth its money ... by far
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Fabulous upgrade. I cant's say enough about it. If you haven't experienced R Factor 2, I encourage you to try it out. You will not be disappointed.
not from driving, but man, they havne't really updated the look much, since they switched to DX11,

you can still see tracks where things are glowing, alhtough I suppose those might not be stock rf2 tacks but rather mods that weren't updated

any way to disable that DOF forever?

Matheus Machado

Talking Door Racing
not from driving, but man, they havne't really updated the look much, since they switched to DX11,

you can still see tracks where things are glowing, alhtough I suppose those might not be stock rf2 tacks but rather mods that weren't updated

any way to disable that DOF forever?
Turn the pp effects to medium in the video settings

Edit: clicking the gear symbol in the game launcher, in game special effects setting will do nothing about it.
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Matheus Machado

Talking Door Racing
Those who are saying URD cars are the same physics as these clearly never driven URD.

Feels similar to the 1.96 URD though, but noticeably different.

Models are lookalikes, wouldn't surprise me if they are the same given the partnership.

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