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rF2 + Burger... huh?!?


Burger + rFactor 2 Huh!?!...

Waiter, the map please...

Hello dear SimRacing Community.
Today I want to make my point about SimRacing clear.
God knows I'm not a fanboy, but it's obvious that rF2 is very close to my heart and I prefer this simulation as a SimRacer.
Let's take as an understandable example large successful million chains and a small, but very down-to-earth and extremely successful restaurant, which for over a decade (!) in professional circles, as well as among hardcore burger fans, is handled and recommended as the burger shop of all. In terms of content and taste.
The big chains in the industry are known to rely on mass and increasingly superficial lifestyle hype and massive PR to attract the attention of the mainstream. In addition, there are the usual suspects and "pop stars" of the scene who praise everything and everyone to the skies for good money and always blow in the direction where the wind is blowing the strongest.
However, what really matters to the true connoisseur and enthusiast, namely the quality and taste, i.e. the core of the burger, the expert and burger enthusiast (among whom I count myself, as I am far from being an expert), will not be dazzled by the big chains, as the quality, as far as the core of what is offered is concerned, is mediocre at best. Soulless burgers, empty of content and more or less the same in all facets of the bar. Dazzled with fashion, lifestyle and impressive shows. (So unserious..). Ok, move on.
There are also other chains that are always trying, but will probably never reach this maximum level. Because this little place, deeply rooted in the Netherlands, is constantly evolving.
As a little anecdote, the top manager is in the kitchen in droves to constantly improve the recipes of these burgers and keep them at this world-class level. Even on holiday, they don't stop and bring back new recipes!
That is passion. That is dedication.
I praise this small restaurant that places value on quality and content. Each burger gets its own individual ingredient and the necessary attention to live up to the certificate of authenticity of this place.
Well, now one or two critics are coming around the corner who will justifiably say, "Wait a minute! "I ordered a double chilli cheese burger! But the cheese is missing! Last time, the chillis were missing! And before that, the chunk of cheese was way too small!"
Do they notice?
The guest justifiably complains about this shortcoming. But nevertheless, he ends up in this restaurant again and again.
Because the contents and taste are simply incomparable, and carry the typical certificate of authenticity that defines a burger. And what you expect from a burger with a certificate of authenticity.
Of course, the restaurant will take care of these deficiencies and correct them.
(Sometimes it takes a little more patience.) After all, this is a small restaurant where all the staff (35) have only 2 arms and (3?) 2 legs, just like the rest of us.
But aren't these little things what make this place so likeable?
Don't we all make mistakes every day? And don't these mistakes make us human in the first place? One of the wisest and greatest leaders of this world used to say: "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone! "
Sure, in times of super capitalism there is understandably no room for such things.... BUT honestly, I don't give a damn!
And so do the managers of this "world" restaurant.
I am impressed by the philosophy and the basic idea behind this restaurant and the team behind it. And how well this small conspiratorial team can keep secrets to themselves. And not having to please everyone in the world. Not to jump on every hype train.
In times like these, where every second and every cent counts, the managers even take time for enthusiasts like me who are curious and want to know more and even somehow, like to fit into this circle.
The top manager patiently took time out of his holiday to deal with me. The other manager under the top one also takes the time! Even though the "hut" is full of work. Is that conceivable with the big chains?
The new "menu card" is also impressive. Stylish, as well as visually an eye-catcher. Admittedly, even if it may seem a little confusing for first-time guests, there is a system behind it. And it is constantly being improved.
And what must be noted here quite clearly, (!) this restaurant offers the service of creating its own burgers, which can then be put on the menu! However, this almost requires a master's degree to implement. Yes, who would have thought it could be so difficult to create a burger? I think everyone knows what I'm getting at. I'm not going to be a chef, that's for sure. But everyone deserves the highest respect who dares to do it.
Well, now this little place has been bought out by a bigger chain!
First of all, shocking for all enthusiasts and experts.
Speculation is not and has never been my cup of tea. We have our "stars" "starlets" and "pop stars" for that.
Nevertheless, the way I see this team and its manager and the situation (all foxes), who will not let their project be snatched from their arms, have contractually secured with top lawyers that their pub, their pub remains, and their team remains their team. (As a former SBRV in a 450-man business, I've already got a taste of the wind, dat hard business).
And I strongly believe that everything will stay as it is. It can only get better! And that's my assumption. The big chain has merely secured the expertise of this pub in order to learn.
There can't be a better appreciation for an ongoing project, can there?
So let's hope that the soul of this place will be preserved and everything will be developed in its spirit, so that we can continue to enjoy our burgers with a certificate of authenticity.
But that's enough!
I don't know why, but I have a craving for a burger...
"Waiter, a double chilli cheese burger please.... !"


And one thing is clear, that in the restaurant one chair leg is sometimes a bit longer than the other, or one or the other table doesn't have the stability as the other, well those are things you have to come to terms with, for the sake of those burgers.
I'm happy to do it.
What good is the best ambience if the main core of the theme is completely tasteless uniformity?
I've come to terms with that and always have a plan B ready in this place!
Isn't there one today? Erm, well then this. The cooker still isn't working?
Well, let's see what else is available!
And to round it all off, I want to clean up the mess on my own doorstep first, I'm busy enough with that. In the end, no one is forced to go to this place and eat there.
Of course, there have been times when I've been pissed off and avoided the place out of spite. Because my favourite toy doesn't always work the way I'd like it to.
But it didn't take long and I was back!
Because here I get what I want.
The ambience gets better and better with time.
And another thing, guys, don't take everything in life so seriously!
Your crazy memoNo1!