rF2 Build 156 Released

Article: http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.p...d-156-Released?p=147855&viewfull=1#post147855

Download: http://rfactor.net/web/rf2/rf2dl/

rFactor2 Build 156 Released

Build 156 is available on the downloads page (rF2 section) of rfactor.net now. If you do not plan to use it today/soon, please use the torrent. Auto update will be active fairly soon.

What most will consider small changes and fixes mainly. One change that will be noticed is the new Mod Manager:
This tool is meant for modders to get a better idea of what they have on their system and be able to manage it. One of the planned features (not yet in) is to have packages (mods, components) automatically installed when the sim starts up and sees something new.

So although we are giving mod management more options, our goal is that most consumers of mods will not be digging into this.

Other than that, we are working on implementing some of the things you already have more fully, and have a high priority to release the content you have as individual components (1 car in a file, 1 track in a file) to ease understanding. The content should also be bugfixed and have updates (to shaders, for example) when this is done.

You may follow Jeremy Miller on Twitter for more information on internal testing now. He will remark whether it looks like an update is going to make it or not, so you have more of the kind of information you wanted. It should be noted that we do internal tests weekly, but have no plan on releasing after every successful test.

Here are B156 release notes:
================================================== ===
Update 12 (Build 156) Changelog (Febuary 28, 2013):
================================================== ===

Fixed shaders bug with vertex color adjustments
Fixed headlight bug where headligths would lag one frame behind
Fixed broken tire temp indicator on HUD MFD
Attempt to fix occasional smoke problem with transparent trainer

Fixed some issues that happen when upgrades make a change in the number of tire compounds
Added “hard” anti-stall.
Made anti-stall a feature that can be permanently enabled rather than depending on anti-clutch driving aid (HDV: “”AntiStallLogic” =1″, default is 0)
Fixed HDV variable GraphicalOffset so that x&z values don’t affect normal driving physics (y value never did; note they all affect collision, though)
“RearFlapZoneSessions” and “RearFlapWetThreshold” should also be allowed in the RFM (in addition to the GDB); “RearFlapZone” remains the same, GDB-only
Converted TBC parameter “WetWeather” from boolean to floating point value so AIs could judge the level of wetness handled. Exactly zero should still be used for dry weather tires, for the sake of rules.
Added new optional algorithms for engine brake map.

Fixed bug on main menu vehicle button if there are no cars installed
In controls menu, highlight controls currently being activated (helps me remember what button is what on my wheel)
Added new playerfile variable “OPT_UI_KeyNav” that toggles keyboard navigation of options.
Removed useless HUD parameters

Fixed the situation where replays of races would crash right after track load

Updated ModMgr UI

Prevent AI cars from fueling if race parameters disallow it.

Fixed a bug where 2 clients that have the same custom skin names would sometimes see the other skin on their local car.

Marco Bijl

Axe Travels
Nope, I noticed it myself, and I believe I saw a comment of tjc on ISI forum about it as well.

I tuned down my GPU a bit, and it seems to be less now. Not gotten to do extensive testing, as I am a bit to busy with a lot of different things at the moment.

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