rF2: Botniaring Released

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Studio 397 have deployed the Botniaring circuit to the simulation today, making available the Finnish race track as another piece of free additional content for rFactor 2.

Another new and unique piece of content has been added to the rFactor 2 racing simulation today, Studio 397 having pushed the button to deploy three versions of the Finnish Botniaring circuit to the title as a free track for players to enjoy by way of the Steam workshop.

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The new track is available to download HERE.

Coming in three separate variations - “Long”, “Long with Chicane”, and “Short”, the new track offers a challenging driving experience and can be suitable for a variety of different car classes, depending on the version of circuit selected.

A welcome addition to the sim, it is nice to see Studio 397 splitting their focus between the high profile and more unique pieces of content in recent months, helping to ensure rFactor 2 continues to offer an experience suitable for many sim racing tastes.

Here's what Studio 397 have to say about this challenging race circuit:

Botniaring race track is located in Jurva and it is one of the five bigger motorsports centers in Finland. Following a recent extension, the Botniaring is Finland's longest and fastest raceway. The circuit hosts motorsport from April to October but remains open throughout the autumn and winter months for driving training.

The length of the track is 4014 meters and has a high speed chicane which is unique in Finland. With brand new tarmac, the track is very smooth and in excellent condition. The circuit hosts Finnish road racing competitions, including the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge, Nordic racing and a 12 hour night endurance race - though being held in July, there's actually not a great deal of running in the dark thanks to the long summer hours!

rF2 3.jpg

rF2 Botniaring 2.jpg

rFactor 2 is available exclusively for PC from Steam now.

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Have you tried the new circuit yet? What are your impressions? Pleased with the choice by Studio 397 to bring this often under represented track to sim racing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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Jan 3, 2015
Looks good, though i always felt the Rfactor's2 asphalt texture is a bit dull, the pics kind of prove that


Jan 15, 2010
Good track, layouts included are a lot of fun.

Graphics wise...while i like the forest enviroment, i don't think that is their best work, honestly, they're simply OK.

Thanks a lot Studio 397, keep this good work!
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Dec 22, 2010
Thanks Studio 397!
Looking forward to trying it out. Really enjoy little known tracks like this. (AMS Style)

Bit sad to see a mirrored tree UV in the screenshots though. :(
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Jan 27, 2010
Here's an idea, RD. Include map of the track of any new release, at least more obscure tracks, so I can stay within your article to see what portions of the track you refer to.

For the RF2 team, keep it up. Ignore all the lamers crying about wanting a new graphics engine. They would just whine because of a lack of content if you rushed into a new engine now. Better to get more content before any engine switch. Looking forward to that 24 hours Nurburgring/Spa game! ;)
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Alex Townsend

Aug 25, 2009
More free content. Surprised we don't have more people moaning about it. People hate free stuff... :sneaky:

But hey, thanks S397, this is awesome. When we purchase content to help keep you guys afloat, you repay by giving everyone free stuff too. It's a proper give take relationship here.

Keep up the awesome work. I'm pretty sure rF2 will still be the go to SIM for many in the years to come. :thumbsup:
Jun 29, 2014
Although I hadn't known about Botniaring - before I tried it in rFactor yesterday - I really have to say that I like it very much. It reminds me a little bit of Anderstorp - has a great flow and some nasty corners. I love the mixture of fast and slow corners.

Thank you, Studio 397, for giving us such a wonderful track for free.

There's just one thing which is a bit annoying at the moment: If you choose the long layout with chicane AI go crazy at the second chicane. They jump over the curbs and some times they flip their cars over or spin out. That happened with the Radical SR3 RSX.
Other than that I had a blast exploring Botniaring.
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May 4, 2016
meh, im sure its a fun track to drive and well made by 397 and free is free (cant complain about that) but im pretty sure this track will be forgotten in a month.

Terry Rock

Oct 24, 2009
I actually loaded up RF2 today after a very long time away.
I took the USF2000 car out for a short race against the AI and it ran surprisingly well... with 23 cars on the grid...at very high settings.
I'll have to go attempt multiplayer again.
That aspect...I believe, is the number one reason why RF2 has had less of a following compared to other sims for the casual (but serious) simracer.
I don't have the time to join a league but I do like to run against humans.
That difficulty joining races, practices, etc...is quite a turn-off for me anyway.
My own personal experience would be.... attempt to join an online server....experience download failures of some required components (server-side)...shut it down after numerous attempts to join other servers...move on to something else.
Hopefully S397 can attempt to address this in the not-to-distant-future.
As to this track, I like it so far.
I'm just glad to have a good track without mirror-like objects reflecting around every corner, like most current RF2 tracks.
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Glen vw

Dec 19, 2014
Thanks Studio 397! Really fun track... the big sweeper to the left is epic and is a blast with the USF2000's & Formula Renault 3.5. rF2 really has become something special (IMHO) since Studio 397 has taken the lead :)